Technical Support Policy

Corel is committed to providing the support you need to make the most of your software experience. For situations where customers have unique issues that require the involvement of a dedicated and trained Corel Customer Support agent, we offer email submission options for most languages and international locations.

Find out more about the range of support options available to Corel customers:

Customer Service

If you need assistance with general product information and availability, or have questions about purchases, Corel Customer Service can help you.

Technical Support

Corel provides technical support services to registered customers who own a supported product which has the latest patches and updates installed.

Free Limited Warranty Support

If you have purchased or registered a supported product within the last 30 days, you are eligible for one-time free installation or activation support. If you require this service, you will need to use a support code to submit your question online. To obtain your support code, you will need to register your product if you have not already done so, and a support code will be sent to you via email. Once your question is submitted, consumers can expect a response within 6 business hours and businesses can expect a response within 1 business hour. If necessary, a technical expert will schedule a call-back to further assist you.

Extended Warranty Support

The Extended Warranty Support option increases the warranty period to one year from the date you purchase the plan and provides you with one additional support case to resolve issues related to:

  • Product download, installation and activation
  • Re-download, re-installation and re-activation
  • Product registration
  • Serial number issues

Paid Priority Support

First-in-line priority technical support services are available for customers who have purchased a One-time Priority Support ticket or a Training and Support Plan*. Paid priority support members can expect a guaranteed online response time within 2 hours and enjoy immediate access to product experts with an exclusive priority support telephone number. To submit your question online, you will need to use the support code that is sent to you via email upon purchase.

Please note that Free Limited Warranty Support and Extended Warranty Support do not cover:

  • Network installations with Terminal Server, NetWare or Linux
  • Custom development, such as macros or Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) customization, etc.
  • Support for any third-party software integration such as ODMA or OLE
  • Installation issues caused by non-Corel software conflicts or hardware issues (computer, printer or other equipment)

Paid Priority Support for Businesses

Corel offers enhanced technical support services designed for business and enterprise customers. Paid Priority Support provides businesses and enterprises with the highest level of support for all supported products. First-in-line technical support services that cover network installations, troubleshooting and product usage issues are available for business customers who have purchased Business Priority Support or our Annual Training and Support Plan* for Business.

Paid Priority Support members can expect a guaranteed online response time within 1 business hour and enjoy immediate access to product experts with an exclusive priority support telephone number. To submit your question online, you will need to use the support code that is sent to you via email upon purchasing Business Priority Support or our Annual Training and Support Plan for Business.

Are you outside of 30-day Warranty Support and not a Paid Priority Support member?

In addition to tutorials, Tips & Tricks, and integrated Help files within our products, Corel also provides access to 24/7 free online help through the following self-service options:

  • Install Center: instructional tutorials to help you with installation and activation
  • Discovery Center: a library of creative video tutorials to help you learn more about your product
  • Knowledgebase: FAQs, troubleshooting articles and step-by-step instructions
  • User Communities: fast answers with user-to-user assistance


Free Warranty Technical Support is not available to customers who have received their software as part of a bundle deal (known as an OEM version) or as a Not For Resale (NFR) product. Customers with OEM and NFR products may receive Technical Support through our online self-service tools which include a comprehensive Knowledgebase or User Communities.

Products supported are limited to the current and previous version only, with some exceptions for specific legacy or phased-out products. For more information on supported products, click here.

For email inquiries directed to Technical Support that are outside the definition of basic installation or activation, customers will be asked to call in and pay for a One-time Priority Support ticket or a Training and Support Plan* as indicated above. Service level on email response ranges from 2-6 business hours, depending on the level of support the customer owns.

Corel provides support services for licensed software, limited to documented features and supported system environments, unless specifically excepted. Supported system environments will be the system requirements as detailed for each product. If the problem cannot be replicated in a supported system environment, Corel has no obligation to attempt to resolve the problem.

* Training and Support Plans are not available in all countries

Support Glossary

Corel defines a single support case as an issue that focuses on one aspect of the product, e.g., use of a specific documented feature of the product, or assistance with a specific problem or error message. While this issue may involve other aspects of the product, addressing other aspects constitutes a separate issue and requires an additional support case. A single support case may involve multiple phone calls, email correspondence and offline research. Corel Support Agents are responsible for determining what characterizes a support case. At the discretion of the Support Agent, customers are eligible for a refund on single case charges for product defects and documentation errors.

Documentation Error
Corel defines a documentation error as inaccurate information or instruction provided in the documentation accompanying the product. Such documentation includes user manuals, Release notes, README files and Corel product support site document.

Corel defines installation as the process in which the product installation program is extracted from a CD, DVD, downloaded executable or network drive, onto a single computer's hard drive, and the setup program is run to completion in accordance with the authorized installation instructions. A completed installation is determined by the successful first run of the application. Standard installation does not include network installations or silent installs to a network environment.

Product Defect
Corel defines a product defect as a technical aspect or functionality of a product that does not execute and deliver results as documented in the supplied product documentation. Unexpected behavior that can be isolated to a user's specific configuration or environment does not constitute a product defect. Corel Technical Support may provide troubleshooting suggestions for unexpected behavior in these cases; however, Corel is not responsible for the resolution of any such behavior. An issue is recognized as a product defect only after it has been reproduced in steps provided by the customer and has been confirmed by a Corel Support Agent in a supported system environment.

Resolution of Issue
Once an issue is accepted as being within the expertise of Technical Support (as described at the top of this page), resolution of a Technical Support issue will be defined as accomplishing any one of the following:

  • Providing a reasonable solution to the issue
  • Providing a reasonable work-around to the issue
  • Determination by Corel that the issue is a product enhancement request and forwarding the request to Product Management for future consideration
  • Escalation of the case/product defect by Technical Support to the Engineering department for review

Corel Technical Support cannot guarantee resolution for every issue, but the agent will make every reasonable effort to do so.

Corel reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of its support offering any time, from time to time and without notice.