Budget-friendly education software

At Corel, we understand that times are tough and academic budgets are tighter than ever. That's why we're committed to providing schools our award-winning software at the lowest price possible, without contracts, buy-ins or fine print.

Corel offers a wide range of powerful graphics, digital media and productivity software through our Education License Program, with prices starting at just dollars per seat—a savings of up to 96% off the regular price.

Corel's Education License Program offers:

  • Aggressive pricing to meet budget concerns
  • Award-winning products that promote fundamental learning
  • Exclusive take-home rights
  • A wide range of curriculum
  • Video tutorials on YouTube and Corel.com
  • Informative webinars and training resources
  • Comprehensive online help

Help promote the fundamentals of learning and achieve dramatic savings that allow you to focus your budget on what really matters most to your school. Explore our product lineup now.

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