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Welcome Corel Partners

It's an exciting time to partner with Corel! We have many programs, which all offer you the benefits of partnering with a global software leader, together with the opportunity to capture new customers and access additional revenue streams. Our products are available around the world through a well-established network of international resellers, retailers, original equipment manufacturers, online providers and on our websites. Our reseller programs give our partners high profit margins, while providing customers with some of the world's most popular and widely recognized software brands.

Corel offers special programs for OEM partners, featuring competitive prices and customized messaging, to help hardware manufacturers and third-party suppliers boost sales. Whether selling computers, printers, phones or any communications device, OEM partners can increase the value of their offerings and maximize their appeal to customers by including Corel software.

Corel advantages include:

Trusted brand and competitive pricing
Our award-winning product portfolio provides great value to customers.

Intuitive technology that's easy to learn and use
Products designed with built-in learning centers, automated processes and one-step tools to guide beginners and simplify complex tasks. Advanced tools allow our products to meet users' growing needs.

Rewarding profit margins, partner tools and incentives
Corel offers healthy profit margins for partners, along with dedicated account representatives for large customer and partner accounts. We have the flexibility to customize products to meet partner needs. Partners have access to marketing materials on box.com, and they can also find video tutorials, product tips, inspiring projects, in-depth training and more in the Discovery Center.

Worldwide customer base
Corel has built diverse distribution channels, spanning retail stores, licensing, online stores and OEM.

Commitment to innovate
We are constantly introducing new technology, including web-sharing applications, 3D video tools, new media and design tools, and mobile applications.

Multilingual support
Development and support for products in multiple languages.