Looking to Download Corel Designer?

CorelDRAW Technical Suite is the best alternative to Corel Designer

Corel Designer was an awesome vector-based graphics application. It was a perfect tool for creating simple graphics designs and complex engineering drawings too. Initially developed by a small software company named Micrografx, Corel Designer became a product of Corel in 1993. After the acquisition by Corel, it was significantly improved for better functionality. Nowadays, you will find Corel Designer bundled with the CorelDRAW Technical Suite. The suite doesn’t only contain the features of Corel Designer but comes with a ton of other features for your every need related to technical design and communications.

The top reasons to switch from Corel Designer

  1. Design with expert technical illustration tools
  2. Repurpose technical design assets
  3. Share using industry-standard file formats
  4. Publish for print, online and mobile
  5. 3D PDF publishing
  6. Translation Memory System (TMS) support
  7. Insert 3D models into technical illustrations
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020