These CorelSure Maintenance License Terms and Conditions (these "Terms") provide the terms and conditions applicable to CorelSure. These terms are supplemental to, and are subject to, all terms and conditions of the applicable Agreement (as defined below), which are hereby incorporated by reference into the Agreement. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.


1.1 "Agreement" means the license agreement that governs your purchase and use of COREL Software, which may include the End User License Agreement or Corel Transactional Licensing Programme Terms and Conditions.

1.2 "Maintenance License" means the right to receive maintenance-related services for licensed Corel Software, as described in Section 3 of these Terms, for the applicable Maintenance Period. A Maintenance License is included with all purchases of Software on a Subscription basis. For Perpetual Licenses of Software, a Maintenance License must be purchased separately, for the Maintenance Price.

1.3 "Maintenance Period" means the term of the Maintenance License. Unless otherwise specified in the License Certificate, (i) if You have purchased a Subscription, the Maintenance Period begins on the date of purchase and terminates on the last day of the Subscription, as specified in your License Certificate and (ii) if You have purchased a Maintenance License for Software under a Perpetual License, the Maintenance Period begins on the date of purchase of the Maintenance License and terminates on the last day of the Maintenance Period, as specified in the License Certificate.

1.4 "Maintenance Price" means the then-current suggested per seat list price, as published by COREL or a COREL Authorized Reseller, for Maintenance Licenses purchased for Software under a Perpetual License.

1.5 "New Product" means either an entirely new Software product or a major revision of Software released by COREL during the term of the Agreement that is designated by COREL as a "new product" rather than as an Upgrade.

1.6 "Upgrade" means a revision of Software released by COREL during the Maintenance Period that is designated by COREL as an "Upgrade", rather than a New Product. An Upgrade will generally be designated by a version number change in the Software immediately to either the right or the left of the decimal (e.g. version 5.1 to 6.0, or version 6.0 to 6.1).


These Terms apply to any Maintenance License, whether it be a license included with a Subscription for Software or separately purchased by You to support Software covered by a Perpetual License.


3.1 Scope. During the Maintenance Period, Corel will provide You with the following benefits (collectively, "Maintenance") in respect of all Software covered by a Maintenance License, subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement:

(i) Upgrades. You may (i) receive Upgrades, as and when they are made generally available by Corel; and (ii) install copies of any such Upgrades to replace copies of prior releases of the Software, but only up to the number of Software Licenses purchased by You and covered by an active Maintenance License.

(ii) Downgrade Rights. You may elect to downgrade the Software to any prior, currently Supported Version (as defined in Section 3.2. (i) below) of the same Software. If, following a discontinuation of your Maintenance License, You require maintenance services, You must first upgrade to a supported version of the Software, in addition to purchasing a new Maintenance License. Failure to use the most current version of the Software under your Software License may mean that the Software is unable to interoperate with other COREL applications, or third-party products or services, with which the Software is intended to be interoperable.

(iii) Product Launch Guidance. You will have access to launch and other product guidance webinars throughout the Maintenance Period. You will be invited to attend live sessions of the webinars and also have access to previously recorded sessions.

(iv) Virtualization Environment. You may install Permitted Software (as defined below) on a hardware partition, blade, or remote server ("Virtualization Environment") to run, use, or access the Software by means of Your organization’s computing devices directly connected to Your organization’s internal network or Your organization’s virtual private network. Use of the Software by Your employees (and Your organization’s subcontractors contractually authorized to act on Your behalf) from a Virtualization Environment is permitted only up to the maximum number of Software Licenses purchased by Your organization. For the avoidance of doubt, You must have a dedicated Software License for each computing device authorized by You to use, run, or otherwise access the Software from the Virtualization Environment. For purposes of this section, “Permitted Software” means AFTERSHOT, COREL CAPTURE, COREL CONNECT, COREL WEBSITE CREATOR, CORELDRAW, COREL DESIGNER, CORELCAD, COREL OFFICE, COREL PAINTER, PARTICLESHOP, COREL PDF FUSION, PAINTSHOP PRO, PAINTSHOP PHOTO PRO, PARADOX, COREL PHOTO-PAINT, PHOTO EXPRESS, PRESENTATIONS, QUATTRO PRO, and WORDPERFECT. You shall be fully liable for any breach of the Agreement and/or these Terms by any of Your end users.

(v) Multilingual Use. You may use any or all equivalent supported language versions of the Software You have licensed in support of a single user on one machine at a time.

(vi) Multi-Platform Use. You may use equivalent versions of the Software on applicable Windows or macOS operating systems (excluding Unix and Linux platforms).

(vii) Centralized Control & Compliance. You may create a server image of one copy of the Software and use a single license key to install that copy on Your workstations either using a "push" or "pull" method. In addition, You may customize and enforce specific installation settings for the Software’s administrative and user privileges, where supported. When using the "push" method, license compliance is simplified due to the ability for automated usage report generation.

3.2 Limitations

(i) Corel is only obligated to provide Maintenance for the current version and up to two prior versions of each of its Software products under Maintenance License (each, a “Supported Version”).

(ii) Corel does not give any guarantee that Upgrades will be produced for any Software or, if so produced, when such Upgrades will be made commercially available. Certain Upgrades may require You to agree to license terms and conditions that are in addition to or that replace certain terms in these Terms. If You do not agree to the terms and conditions of any Upgrade, you must notify COREL within (10) business days, and, in such case, Your rights to use the Upgrade will be terminated.

(iii) Installation on a Virtualization Environment is not permitted in China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Any use of the Software from a Virtualization Environment for which the Software was not designed is entirely at Licensee’s own risk and Corel and its licensors shall in no way be responsible or liable for any such use or any damage arising therefrom.


Corel may terminate or suspend Your Maintenance License at any time, with or without notice to You, in the event You breach these Terms, including, without limitation, a breach of Your obligation to pay all applicable fees when they become due. Upon termination, Corel’s obligation to provide Maintenance shall immediately terminate.

May 2018 (v1.0)