Corel Cares, opening possibilities

In 2010, Corel celebrated its 25th year in the software industry. Through the years, we've taken pride in caring for our customers, delivering some of the world's most creative, inspiring and productive software, and supporting a variety of worthwhile causes.As we approached this milestone—and looked back at how our industry and the world has changed—we felt the time was right to change our approach to philanthropy and harness the compassion and commitment of our employees in a new way. Guided by employee feedback, we launched Corel Cares, a corporate giving program designed to channel our efforts to make a more lasting social and human impact.

Corel Cares is an employee-driven program focused on opening new possibilities for children in disadvantaged or underserved communities through investments in education and the arts. To help accelerate our efforts and amplify the program's impact, we partnered with Room to Read, an internationally recognized not-for-profit working in the areas of childhood literacy and gender equality in education.

Room to Read uses a highly collaborative approach, partnering with local communities, organizations and governments to develop literacy skills and encourage the habit of reading among primary school children. They are also committed to helping more girls complete secondary school with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.

  • 759 million people are illiterate adults, two-thirds of them women
  • Approximately 143 million school age children are not in school. A significant majority of these children are in Asia and Africa (between 70% and 80%)

Source: 2010 Education for All Global Monitoring Report (UNESCO, 2010)

Corel Cares started with an initial goal of establishing 10 libraries, publishing three local language children's books and supporting one additional year of holistic education for 20 young girls. Based on input from our employees, we focused first on supporting Room to Read's projects in Vietnam, Laos and India. Within the first year of the program, we raised over $100,000 to support these projects.

While Room to Read provides the global dimension to our program, Corel Cares also focuses on supporting disadvantaged or underserved children in our own communities. Through volunteering and various other fundraising initiatives, we work to open possibilities both in our own neighborhoods and in villages a world away.