Looking to Download PaintShop Pro X5?

PaintShop Pro 2020 is our latest version and it’s better than ever!

A lot has changed in the PaintShop Pro arena since the release of PaintShop Pro X5. The latest version of PaintShop Pro comes with enhanced tools and better hardware integration, making it the most user-friendly and efficient so far. Making simple fixes to photos, applying effects, and also playing with advanced editing features is fun and intuitive making it a great choice for all kinds of users from professionals to newbies.

The top reasons to switch from PaintShop Pro X5

  1. NEW Creative content
  2. ENHANCED Legacy features
  3. ENHANCED Depth of Field
  4. NEW Layers setting
  5. NEW SmartClone
PaintShop Pro 2020

Valuable resources available when switching from PaintShop Pro X5