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Launched in January 2006, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 boomed the world of graphic designers with 40 cool new features. It was perfect for both amateurs and professional users and it covered a wide range of productivity including advertising, printing, sign-making, engraving, or manufacturing. Following the trend of the previous editions of CorelDRAW, it was built to be an efficient design software that aided the fast growth of the graphics industry.

A significantly improved text handling was one of the key features of CorelDRAW X3 that made life easier for designers in terms of typography. It enabled them to quickly select, edit, and format text with additional controls for alignment, drop caps, tabs, bullets, and columns. The ability to define text size in inches was much appreciated by print designers. Also, CorelDRAW X3 was more compatible with text from external sources.

Regarding the tools for illustrators, CorelDRAW X3 was primarily based on its predecessor, CorelDRAW 12. Users could draw a perfect star shape effortlessly using the basic Star tool and for advanced users, the Complex Star tool served as a creative way to draw various geometric shapes. Another common but essential tool was the Crop tool that allowed prompt selection and removal of unwanted portions of an object or canvas.

The brand new Corel PowerTRACE tool was a comprehensive and long-awaited feature of CorelDRAW X3. It enabled the designers to transform bitmap graphics to vector format within seconds. The basic of PowerTRACE was to produce a palette based on the traced image and turn that into a convenient color mode. Designers had the freedom to Instantly switch between the 2 different modes that helped them achieve their goal significantly.

The top reasons to switch from CorelDRAW X3

  1. NEW! Variable font support*
  2. NEW! AI-assisted bitmap-to vector tracing
  3. NEW! AI-powered upsampling and artifact removal
  4. NEW! CorelDRAW.app
  5. NEW! Collaboration workflow**
  6. NEW! Non-destructive effects
  7. NEW! Symmetry drawing mode
  8. NEW! Block Shadow tool
  9. NEW! AfterShot 3 HDR
  10. NEW! Apply envelopes to bitmaps

*Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 do not support variable fonts

**Collaboration features are available only through subscription or with an additional purchase plan for perpetual license customers.

CorelDRAW 2020

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