Looking to Download Kai’s Power Tools?

PaintShop Pro 2021 is the best alternative to Kai’s Power Tools

In 1992, Kai Krause developed the famous Kai’s Power Tools, which were API plugins built for Corel PhotoPaint and Adobe Photoshop. Popularly known as KPT these tools were distributed under a company named MetaCreations. Corel acquired MetaCreations in 1999 and re-launched the collection under their name Corel KPT collection. Nine new filters were added with the existing filters, making the package more user friendly. KPT collection isn’t available as a separate product today and was included with Corel PaintShop Pro (PSP). Try the latest version of PaintShop Pro today.

Top reasons to switch from Kai’s Power Tools

  1. NEW AI Artifact Removal
  2. NEW Sea-to-Sky™️ Workspace
  3. NEW AI Style Transfer
  4. ENHANCED Photography Workspace
  5. NEW Creative content
PaintShop Pro 2020

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