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As a relational database management program, Corel Paradox was one of the pioneers in its class. Initially, it was developed by a small software entity named Ansa Software. In 1992, Borland software purchased Ansa and marketed the program as Borland Paradox for Windows operating systems. Corel Paradox first came into existence when Borland was acquired by Corel in 1997. With the change of ownership and brand name it was remodeled with advanced features. Now available with WordPerfect Office Suite bundle, it offers modern features like Template Viewer, Function Key Template, Macro Manager, Mail Merger, AfterShot, and much more.

Top reasons to switch from Corel Paradox

  1. Easy document creation
  2. Built-in PDF forms
  3. Flexible eBook publishing
  4. Extensive compatibility, including Microsoft Office
  5. Reveal Codes
  6. Template Viewer
  7. Function key template
  8. Microsoft Office compatibility
Top Reasons

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