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InterVideo DVD Copy™ 5 Platinum - Features

Hot Features - DVD Copy 5 Platinum includes all of the features in DVD Copy 5 Express

Copy to Go newPlatinum
Copy movies directly to your iPod or PSP and enjoy a library of all your converted videos. Even rename iPod videos directly in the interface.

Copy to Go

HD-resolution Video Import newPlatinum
Now you can import high-definition WMV, AVI, DVR-MS, and MPEG-2 video files.with resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.

HD-resolution Video Import

iPod® Video Format Support Platinum
Take your movies on the road! Now convert any movie to the new iPod® video format. Sync, watch and enjoy.

iPod® Video Format Support

3 Easy Steps to DVD Copying and File Conversion

It's simple: just choose your source, target, format, click Start Copy and you're done.

Copy DVD
Duplicate DVDs and audio CDs.

Merge DVD Platinum
Easily merge multiple video titles to one disc.

File to DVD Platinum
Copy and burn video files from hard drives and the Internet.

Time Saving Technology for Everyone

DVD Copy 5 comes packed with flexible and unique video conversion tools to free up your time.

CopyLater newPlatinum
Work smart! Save time by letting your PC work while you're away. Now you can schedule CopyLater to batch convert videos while you're at work or asleep, ensuring high-quality video output and freeing up your PC for when you need it.

Intelligent Folder Monitoring! newPlatinum
CopyLater can also regularly check your video-download and recorded TV-program folders for new files and automatically convert them, so you're always up to date and the latest TV show or movie is always ready to enjoy!

Internet Copy Platinum
Download videos from the Internet, convert, burn and archive. It's so simple! Just supply the Web URL and let Internet Copy take care of the rest. The powerful download manager can even accommodate ftp sites with restricted (login) access.

Disc Tool - Quick 1:1 Copy
Need to make a quick 1:1 disc copy? Just select Disc Copy, video source & target, and click burn. It doesn't get any simpler.

Burn DVD-Video files or disc images to disc
Load DVD-video files and disc images as virtual source drives and burn them straight to CD or DVD.

Copy DVD-Videos to Your Hard Drive
To make it easier to access and edit your content, DVD Copy 5 lets you duplicate your DVD-Videos onto your hard drive in MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or DivX® format.

Erase Disc
Like the convenience of rewritable discs? DVD Copy makes it even more easy. With just a click, you can erase discs and then recycle them like they're new.

Virtual Drives are here! Platinum
A powerful tool that allows you to create virtual drives with image files that behave exactly like CD or DVD-ROM drives. Mount up to 22 drives, great for PC gaming, movies, and music discs that you access regularly. Saves you the hassle of shuffling through CD cases and the wear & tear on your discs.

Squeeze Double Layer DVDs onto Single Layer DVDs Platinum
DVD Copy 5 can compress dual-layer DVD-Videos onto single-layer DVDs without any visual-quality loss. Users can select from six different compression rates and preview the quality before burning.

Burn DVD-Video to Disc Image Platinum
Want to copy a movie but don't have an available disc on hand? No need to panic, use DVD Copy 5 to burn the movie as a disc image and save it on your hard drive. When it's convenient, you can always burn the disc image to DVD.

Merge Multiple DVDs onto a single DVD Platinum
Bring together your best DVDs into one, easy-to-navigate DVD, complete with menus. Combine birthdays, holidays and special events to create a DVD with all your favorite memories.

Copy DVD-Video to CD Platinum
DVD Copy lets you copy DVD-Video onto multiple CDs in Video CD (VCD) or Super Video CD (SVCD) format. Playback your discs on almost any set-top DVD player or PC.

Personalize your DVDs! Platinum
Want to make a DVD with only your favorite chapters? How about cutting out those annoying commercials? Or selecting specific audio tracks or subtitles? No problem! DVD Copy 5 lets you select just your favorite titles and chapters to create a DVD with only the stuff you want!

Video Trimming Platinum
Trim your videos to cut unwanted parts before sharing. Make your videos just right before you play for friends and family.

Auto-Make Menus Platinum
Wouldn't it be great to automatically create a navigation menu for your video discs? Now DVD Copy 5 does it for you. No extra settings required, simply burn and it's just there for easy viewing!

Menu Skip Platinum
Start playback from the beginning of your newly burned movie every time.

Quality Video You'll Want to Share

Discover new quality options: everything from HDV to mobile phone to Web formats that make sharing an absolute cinch.

HDV Camcorder Support newPlatinum
Import video from the Sony HDR-HC1, HDR-HC3, and HDR-FX1 camcorders.

Output to WMV-HD disc images new
Playback high-definition video on your Windows XP PC without upgrading your hardware. Includes support for 1920 x 1080, 1440x1080, and 1280x720 resolutions.

Customizable Profiles new
Set the resolution and bit rate based on your needs.

DiscLabel newPlatinum
Software for personalized DVDs you'll recognize every time. Add text from DVD chapters and change the background image.

LightScribe Laser Labels newPlatinum
LightScribe technology from Hewlett-Packard lets you burn label designs and text with supported burners directly on the back surface of LightScribe DVD and CD discs. With LightScribe, you burn your data, flip the disc, and then burn your label.

Sony® PSP™ Support Platinum
Connect your PC to your PSP in no time. DVD Copy can convert DVD titles to Sony® PSP's MemoryStick™ video format for easy playback complete with thumbnail preview. All you need to do is transfer the clip to your PSP machine and you're done.

Convert Videos using H.264 Platinum
H.264 is a state-of-the-art video codec, delivering stunning quality at remarkably low data rates. As part of the MPEG-4 standard, DVD Copy 5's H.264 for PC, Sony® PSP™, and iPod® give you excellent video quality without taking up all your hard disk space.

DivX® Media Format Support Platinum
DVD Copy plays and creates high-quality DivX® video files with the original subtitles, audio tracks and even interactive navigation menus.

Burn Disc Image to DVD-Video
Most people save CD/DVD images on their machines for its economy. Now DVD Copy lets you burn your images files to disc without sacrificing on video quality.

4.85GB DVD support
This new format gives you that extra 150MB space when 4.7 GB is just not enough. And even when you only need 4.7 GB, an extra 3mm protective gap will be left around the edge of the 4.85 GB DVD to make your discs more resistant to regular handling and use.

Improved DVD +/-VR Format support Platinum
Now you can easily modify content on DVD VR format discs. DVD VR discs are commonly used in home recorders or DVRs, but most DVD players can’t read them. DVD Copy 5 solves this issue, by supporting copying both +VR and -VR formats to DVD format. VR format discs can be converted to DVD-Video, VCD, SVCD, DivX® or WMV CD for better compatibility and easier sharing.

Duplicate Double Layer Discs
Enjoy the benefits of copying larger capacity DVD+R/-R double layer discs, so you can maintain the original DVD quality without shrinking content.

Rip Audio CD & DVD Soundtracks Platinum
Want to make your own personal soundtrack? Extract audio tracks and burn them to CD with the copy DVD to Audio CD feature. You can also copy your audio CDs and rip audio from DVD Audio CDs to WMA or WAV files.

Auto-fit DVD-Videos to CD Platinum
Copy your DVD-Videos to CD in high-quality MPEG-4 & WMV formats! Auto-fit adjusts the bit rate so you can even fit your movie onto a single DivX® CD.

Broad Compatibility
Supports ALL recordable media formats including DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, CD-R/RW and DVD-RAM.

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