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Eclectic Academy
Eclectic Academy currently offers 12 instructor-led courses in Painter, from version 6 through to version IX. It has four excellent instructors leading the program. Christine Frey teaches program skills, from the basics to more advanced levels. Richard Pope teaches how to make and use nozzles, an often neglected Painter feature. Ed Wiser and Madeleine Jacobs conduct their classes with in-depth looks at the Watercolor and Pastel palettes, with a focus on how to apply them to traditional art in the style you choose. Ed also teaches Painter Classic and how to set up your Wacom® tablet. Courses are updated to the latest versions of Painter, as they become available. All courses are available online and run for six weeks.


Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Gnomon specializes in high-end computer graphics training for the entertainment industries. It offers education solutions for individuals who want a career, for working professionals and for companies looking to make their staff more competitive. Training choices include extension courses, a certificate program, online tutorials and training DVDs.

Learn the techniques of character design, animation, matte painting and previsualization with Corel® Painter™ and Gnomon.


The Art Institutes
The Art Institutes is the leading provider of education to students in the creative and applied arts, including design, media, fashion and culinary programs. Thirty-one Art Institutes are located in major cities across North America, and they teach more than 125,000 students. The Art Institutes offers programs that award master's degrees, bachelor's degrees and associate's degrees, as well as non-degree programs.

Learn how to use Corel® Painter™ for Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Illustration and Design, and Fine Art.


Art Center College of Design
For nearly 75 years, Art Center College of Design has been an innovative leader in art and design education, preparing students for professional and personal success in an increasingly competitive world. Art Center's graduates are leaders with the desire and ability to change the world. They are creative thinkers whose work brings purpose, utility, meaning and satisfaction to our daily lives. Learn how to use Corel® Painter™ for Fine Art Media, Transportation Design, Illustration, and Design.


Karen Sperling's Artistry Corel Painter Retreats
Take some time out of your hectic schedule to invest in your most valuable asset: you! Learn to add painterly effects to your photos and find out how to turn photos into paintings using Corel® Painter™. Meet like-minded artists and photographers and share your experiences. Get away from your own backyard, recharge and take photos in a new and interesting place. All of these opportunities await you at the Artistry Corel Painter Retreats.

Karen Sperling founded Artistry magazine in 1995 after writing the early Corel Painter manuals publishing three Painter books. She has taught Painter all over the United States at companies such as Disney and American Greetings.


Jeremy Sutton's Painter Panache Courses
Learn how to use the latest version of Corel® Painter™ to transform your photographs into interpretive paintings and pastels. You'll learn how to navigate around the interface and choose between all the fabulous brushes so you can achieve different creative effects. In this workshop, you'll learn how to add your own unique artistic styling, flavor, panache and flair to your images with hand-painted brush strokes, organic borders and rich textures.

Jeremy Sutton is an internationally renowned, award-winning portrait artist, author and educator. He has authored Corel Painter books, instructional videos and DVDs; had his articles and artwork featured in numerous magazines; and been a platform speaker at prestigious international conferences.


Jane's Digital Art
Learn how Corel® Painter™ works and how to organize the program so you can use it in the manner in which you like to paint. Brush control and application will be covered as well as blending techniques and special detail effects. Class projects will include turning a photograph into a painting ("photo oils"), freehand painting, and using special effects with paint and photographic images. Learn fine art techniques plus the added bonus of "Jane's famous cheater techniques" for creating painterly looking images with speed and maximum productivity.

Jane is an independent consultant and teacher for the professional photography industry. With 25 years of experience, Jane's projects have spanned across a large segment of the studio photography market—freelance art, photography, lab systems, digital imaging, Internet, teaching Adobe® Photoshop® and Corel Painter, fine arts, writing for industry publications and developing /educating on marketing/selling images with new technologies. Jane is on the Digital and Advanced Imaging Committee for the Professional Photographers of America.


Carol Benioff Workshops
Learn how to use the multiplicity of tools in Corel® Painter™ to draw, paint, develop ideas or experiment with existing work. Examples will be shown on how to use Corel Painter in combination with etching, monoprinting, litho, collage and more. Immerse yourself in this medium filled with brushes, papers, textures and patterns. Work directly from life, or experiment cloning from photos or any other scanned image. Create your own brushes, papers, textures, patterns and colors.

Carol Benioff is a native San Franciscan artist and illustrator currently living in Oakland. In her ongoing experiment, she combines digital imagery with her printmaking, drawing and painting and illustrations.


Helen Yancy Studio

Helen Yancy's dynamic workshops enable you to learn digital artwork methods for portrait retouching and enhancement, and for new products—such as photographic watercolors, image panels and note cards—that will increase your studio income. Your electronic creativity will soar as you master digital brushes, watercolors, pastels and natural media paints. No previous experience with Corel® Painter™ is required.

Helen's class is directed toward fine portraiture rather than publishing; it's focus is on making exceptional images that were not possible or cost effective through traditional media. You'll explore some of the areas that were previously the domain of the airbrush, and the oils, pencils and dyes of traditional photographic artists. This class will teach artistic techniques that will enable you to use digital tools to their best advantage in an artistic manner.

Helen Yancy has a history of teaching, and hundreds of photographers are now successfully creating portraits with Corel Painter. She has lectured and taught seminars on portrait painting and digital photography around the world. A past president of the prestigious Professional Photographers of America, she has had her work published in numerous books and magazines and has received hundreds of awards for her photography and paintings, both traditional and digital.


Cher Pendarvis
Cher Threinen-Pendarvis is a pioneer of the electronic art medium. Her digital illustrations have been published since 1987, and she has worked alongside other notables of the early digital era. Cher is now widely recognized for her mastery of Corel® Painter™ and Adobe® Photoshop®. Her articles and art span two decades in influential books and periodicals. Her work has been exhibited in museums and art galleries worldwide. Cher travels the globe conducting workshops and specialized training for graphics professionals in print and broadcast mediums. She is principal of the consulting firm Cher Threinen Design, and is author of all six editions of The Painter Wow! Book. Cher graduated college with a BFA with Highest Honors and Distinction in Art, specializing in painting and printmaking.

Cher is a popular speaker who has travelled the world as one of the pioneers in digital imaging. Her Corel Painter seminars and classes have been featured in major conventions. She has taught Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter to corporate clients around the world, and has authored articles in many leading design periodicals. Cher is also available for workshops at your location, with your professionals. Receive training specifically tailored to your own working environment.


Marilyn Sholin
Marilyn teaches using hands-on lessons to get you up and running with Corel® Painter™ and using it in just a few hours of class! Topics covered include:
• How to create awesome powerful Color Combos
• How to create Custom Color Palettes
• Mixing your own colors
• How to create a Watercolor from your photographs
• How to add textures that enhance the portrait
• How to market like an artist, not a photographer

As a Master Craftsman portrait photographer for 25 years, Marilyn Sholin has taught extensive classes at Professional Photography schools throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. Her programs and seminars are featured at major conventions and workshops.


Jim Zuckerman's Online Photo Course: Making Masterpieces with Painter
Betterphoto.com is proud to announce a new and unique eight-week photo course. Open to anyone who wants to learn step-by-step creative tricks of Corel® Painter™, this course will teach you how to transform any photograph into a painting using the program.

Jim Zuckerman is the author of nine books on photography. His work is sold in 30 countries around the world, and his images have appeared on scores of magazine and book covers, calendars, posters, national ads, trade ads, brochures and corporate promotions.