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  Corel® Painter™ IX Academic Courseware
By Teachers, for Teachers and Students

At Corel, we're committed to supporting the efforts of students and teachers, which is why we're creating Corel® Painter™ IX courseware—written by teachers, for teachers. Courseware is specifically designed for higher education classes.

All Corel Painter IX academic courseware is available as downloadable PDF files, free of charge. Each publication is based on 10 lesson plans and includes both class projects and a term project.

A number of subjects are currently in development; please check this site regularly to see the latest Corel Painter IX academic courseware titles available.

Available now:
Animation, by Joyce Ryan
Download the PDF (12 MB)
Exercise files - Mac (.sit, 126 MB)
Exercise files - Windows (.zip, 126 MB)

Coming Soon - New Academic Courseware Topics