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Jeremy Sutton

Name: Jeremy Sutton
Occupation/Profession: Portrait artist, author and educator
Employer: Freelance
Location: San Francisco, CA

Jeremy Sutton, a San Francisco–based artist, author and educator, has a Master of Arts degree in Physics from Oxford University. He has drawn and painted in traditional media for more than 40 years and has used Painter™ since 1991. He has worked closely with the Painter development teams at Fractal Design, MetaCreations and Corel as a beta tester, evangelist and demonstrator.

Jeremy has written a number of books, including Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artist's Handbook and Fractal Design Painter Creative Techniques, and he has produced other Painter training material such as video and DVD tutorials, including a new Corel® Painter™ IX tutorial set.

Known for his lively teaching style, Jeremy has taught Painter and presented seminars worldwide since 1995. To learn more about Jeremy's classes and training resources, please visit www.paintercreativity.com. Jeremy's colorful and expressive portraits can been seen at www.jeremysutton.com.

Says Jeremy Sutton:
When I paint, my goal is to create magnificent and powerful images that express my soul while embodying the essence of my subjects. I strive to capture the personality of my subjects and my response to them. My paintings evolve like improvisational dance. The process follows its own path, colors being chosen intuitively, surprises unfolding in every moment, each brush stroke feeling its way into the painting. I sculpt in color and form, continuously transforming and remolding my image, like working with wet, malleable clay. What I share with you in this tutorial is one example of such a process. Every time I paint with Corel Painter, I find myself using different brushes and colors according to what the image inspires.

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