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Don Seegmiller

Name: Don Seegmiller
Occupation/Profession: Artist, author and educator
Employer: Brigham Young University
Location: Provo, UT

Don Seegmiller teaches senior-level illustration, traditional head painting, figure drawing and digital painting for the Department of Visual Design at Brigham Young University. His traditional oil painting work has been represented by many major art galleries in the United States.

Over the last 20 years, Don has completed more than 600 paintings. For six years, he was the art director at Saffire Corporation, a local game developer. Don is a regular speaker at the Game Developers Conference, where he teaches full-day tutorials on character design and digital painting. In 2003, he wrote a book entitled Digital Character Design and Painting for Charles River Media.

Don has demonstrated MetaCreations™ Painter® 6 at major trade shows, and his work is featured in The Painter 6 Wow! Book, The Painter 7 Wow! Book, The Painter 8 Wow! Book, Step by Step Electronic Design, Spectrum 7, and Spectrum 8. He has used Painter from its earliest days as Fractal Design Painter® 1 and continues to find it the king of digital painting programs, saying that nothing else even comes close. For more information: www.seegmillerart.com

Says Don Seegmiller:
A great deal of work in the video game, movie and other entertainment industries requires the development of a relatively rough concept sketch of a character into a more finished and refined piece of art. Often, this is not only to sell the concept, but also to give other people who will be working on the various aspects of the project a clear idea of the artist's vision

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