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Wedding Theme Pack – buy VideoStudio Pro X2, VideoStudio Pro X2 Ultimate or Photo & Video Bundle during December 1, 2009 through January 15, 2010, and get bonus pack FREE!

When you purchase VideoStudio/ Photo & Video Bundle at Corel Store, the Wedding Theme Pack will also be shown in your shopping cart – FREE! If you bought VideoStudio/ Photo & Video Bundle from a reseller, all you need to do is register your product, and we will send a download link for your template pack at month end!

Wedding Theme Pack

A wedding video is a wonderful gift that will always bring back happy memories of the couple’s most beautiful day. VideoStudio makes it really easy to capture and edit a video with all the joy, drama and fun of the occasion, and then to burn it on a DVD to be shared with family and friends. But any pro will tell you that your video’s opening sequence is key to grabbing an audience’s attention. Now, with the VideoStudio Wedding Theme Pack, we’ve done all the design work for you – all you need to do is add your video to the MovieWizard, choose a template, and let VideoStudio do the rest for you!

When you download the VideoStudio Wedding Theme Pack, you get six stylish VideoStudio MovieWizard and DVD menu templates to apply and customize. Each template consists of

  • a stunning animated opening sequence with titles and music,
  • an ending sequence
  • PLUS a matching DVD motion menu.

And of course you can personalize the images, backgrounds, animated titles, and music to suit your individual production. Years from now, people will still comment on what a professional job you did!

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Buy Now - VideoStudio Buy Now - Wedding Theme Pack
Works with VideoStudio Pro X2 /
VideoStudio Pro X2 Ultimate
Greek Wedding Romantic Paris Spring Wedding

01 Greek Wedding:

Breathtaking island scenery with super-cool whites and azure blues

02 Romantic Paris:

Sophisticated European flavor in golden old-building tones

03 Spring Wedding:

Spring flower petals in soft pinks and lilac
  Romantic Paris   Spring Wedding
Summer Wedding   Autumn Wedding   Winter Wedding

04 Summer Wedding:

Warm summer colors, with an outdoorsy and informal feel

05 Autumn Wedding:

Blowing leaves in beautiful earth tones in russet, brown and yellow

06 Winter Wedding:

Crisp winter colors and falling snowflakes
Summer Wedding   Autumn Wedding   Winter Wedding

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