Vol. III, Issue 2, November 2001

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Corel Completes Acquisition of Micrografx, Inc.

Corel is pleased to report that its acquisition of Micrografx, Inc., first announced in July, is now complete. The deal officially closed on October 30, 2001. We are very proud to welcome Micrografxís world-class products into Corelís evolving product family.

Corel will provide support for Micrografx's current products, including the recently-released Picture Publisher® 10, Picture Publisher Digital Camera Edition and Micrografx Designer® 9. Corel is also committed to supporting and growing Micrografxís Enterprise Process Management business, which includes the complete iGrafx® product line led by ABC FlowCharter®.

In addition, the company has identified a number of opportunities which will build upon the strengths of each organization to further extend its relationship with its customers worldwide.

For more information, please read our press releases:
Corel Acquisition Approved By Micrografx Shareholders
Corel Welcomes New Members to its Board of Directors

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Upgrade to CorelDRAW® 10 Graphics Suite for Windows before November 30 and receive 15% off the suggested retail price (North America only). This special offer is exclusive to Corel eNewsletter subscribers, so take advantage today!

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Corel Showcases CorelDRAW® ESSENTIALS at Windows® XP Launch in New York

Corel was center-stage to celebrate the launch of Microsoft Windows XP! To mark the launch, Derek Burney joined Bill Gates and other industry leaders to open trading on the Nasdaq® Stock Market on Wednesday, October 24.

Corel also participated in the Windows XP launch event where it demonstrated CorelDRAW ESSENTIALS, the first graphics package optimized for this new operating system. Designed to take advantage of the innovative graphics and photo technologies in Windows XP, CorelDRAW ESSENTIALS offers customers new opportunities to enhance their creative experience.

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Quick Tips

Creating a spiral from the center outward in CorelDRAW 10

In CorelDRAW 10, you can create a spiral from the center outward. This allows you to position the center of the spiral accurately and to have more control over the final shape of the spiral.

To create a spiral from the center outward:

  1. Open the Object flyout, and click the Spiral tool.
  2. Type the number of revolutions you want the spiral to have in the Spiral Revolutions box on the property bar.
  3. Click where you want the spiral to display.
  4. Hold down SHIFT, and drag the pointer until the spiral is the size you want.

Creating instant cityscapes in Bryce 5

In Bryce 5, you can instantly create a city-shaped terrain which can be added to a landscape. You can adjust the size and appearance of the cityscape.

To create a cityscape:

  1. Click the Create Terrain button.
  2. Click Objects, Edit Object.
  3. Click the Elevation tab.
  4. Hold down ALT and click the Posterize Button.
  5. Drag in any direction to create the cityscape.

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Created by the Virtual Training Company, this new 2-CD set comes with over 11 hours of video instruction that take you through virtually every Bryce 5 feature, both new and old.

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Corel Migration Manager now available

The Corel Migration Manager is a standalone utility designed to facilitate the migration from earlier versions of WordPerfect (versions 6.1 through 9) to the most current version, WordPerfect Office 2002. The Migration Manager will provide WordPerfect users with a greater level of comfort and security when backing up files and during the migration process.

The Migration Manager will enable users to back up and migrate important files and registry settings, such as default templates, customized toolbars, macros, address books, user word lists and QuickWords™.

The Corel Migration Manager wizard, when activated, will recognize the existence of previous versions of WordPerfect Office suite applications (versions 6.1 to 9) on a system. Customers will be given the choice of files created in earlier versions to backup and/or migrate to WordPerfect Office 2002.

The Corel Migration Manager is available now on Corel.com.

Save 25% off The Concise Oxford™ Dictionary

Upgrade your WordPerfect Office 2002 Pocket Oxford Dictionary to include 70,000 words. Until December 31, you'll save 25% off the suggested retail price when you purchase The Concise Oxford Dictionary from the Corel Store (North America only).

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Quick Tip
Applying slide transitions in Corel® Presentations™ 10

In Corel Presentations 10, you can apply slide transitions. This feature lets you choose the way that your presentation will make the transition from one slide to the next. You can choose the type of transition (such as Blinds, Fade or Sweep), as well as its direction and speed.

To apply a slide transition:

  1. Choose a slide transition from the Slide transitions list box on the property bar.
  2. Choose a transition direction by opening the Direction picker on the property bar and clicking a direction.
  3. Choose a speed for the slide transition by opening the Speed picker on the property bar and clicking a speed.

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Meet the WordPerfect® team in person

The WordPerfect team will be attending these upcoming events:

Legal Tech, Toronto, ON, November 13 & 14
Computer and Technology Showcase, Vancouver, B.C., November 14 & 15
GTC Southeast, Atlanta, GA, December 5 & 6
Legal Tech Southeast, New Orleans, LA, December 5 & 6
Congress of Cities Exposition, Atlanta, GA, December 6 & 7


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Corel Certification Exams now available at VUE Testing Centers worldwide

In todayís fast paced, competitive business world, having an edge can make all the difference. Chances are you've been qualified for years; isn't it time you were officially recognized for it? CorelDRAW 10 certification exams are now available at VUE testing centers. The exams consist of 40 – 60 multiple choice questions to be completed over a one-hour period.

Corelís Certification Web site offers detailed information on the different levels of certification and exam objectives, and provides direct links to registration access for the exams.

For additional information, please contact Kerry Hodgins or visit Corel's certification Web site.

News from the User Group Program

The Corel User Group Relations team is pleased to announce that plans for the remainder of the fall are going ahead at full steam. The pinnacle of our fall program will be our return as a general sponsor to the upcoming APCUG event November 10 & 11 in Las Vegas, preceding Comdex. We will be in attendance with prizes, product demos and lots more! This is a further affirmation of our commitment to (and appreciation of) our User Groups.

We are gearing up for next year's schedule. If your group is interested in hosting a Corel visit, or if we can be of assistance to your group in other ways, please visit us at www.corel.com/usergroups or drop us an e-mail at ugpro@corel.com.

Look for exciting new things from Corel User Group relations in the next few months!

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