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WinZip Mac Edition

File compression and file encryption designed specifically for the Mac

WinZip, world leader in file compression technology, introduces a powerful tool designed specifically for the Mac. Zip and encrypt files for safer, swifter sharing and smaller storage.


WinZip—the world’s leading file compression utility—has been reinvented for the Mac! Created specifically for Mac users, WinZip Mac Edition is a simple, powerful tool designed to help you compress and secure your files with the latest in file compression and encryption technology. Now you can zip and protect your files for swifter, safer sharing and smaller storage with this all-new, easy-to-use Mac tool backed by the best in the business.

Zip files

  • Zip and unzip files instantly
  • Open major compressed file formats (Zip, Zipx, RAR, LHA, 7Z)
  • Reduce file size for swifter sharing and smaller storage

Encrypt files

  • Password-protect files as you zip them using powerful AES encryption
  • Prevent unauthorized use or reproduction of data
  • Ensure confidential information remains confidential

Share files

  • Reduce file size for faster uploading/downloading times
  • Zip and encrypt files to create smaller, safer email attachments
  • Organize and compress files into small, logical groups that are ideal for sharing

WinZip® Mac® Edition 1.0

Zip/Unzip Files

Why zip files?

  • Save storage space
  • Enjoy faster uploading/downloading times
  • Organize and archive your data with small, manageable packages

With WinZip® Mac® Edition’s cutting-edge technology, you can:

  • zip and unzip files instantly using simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • open all major compressed file formats (Zip, Zipx, RAR, LHA, 7Z)
  • share zipped files between Mac and PC platforms
  • create WinZip’s smallest compressed files to date (Zipx)

WinZip Mac Edition also provides extensive previewing functionality. Blending seamlessly with the Mac OS, WinZip Mac Edition takes advantage of Mac’s Quick Look tool so you can browse the contents of a zipped folder before you decide whether to unzip it. You can even open and edit single files within a zipped folder without having to unzip the entire folder first!

Zip/Unzip Files

Encrypt Files

Why encrypt files?

  • Share confidential information with confidence
  • Secure your archives from unauthorized changes
  • Protect email attachments from unwanted access

Working with confidential information? Did you know that when you zip a file, you can also apply password-protection to its contents? WinZip Mac Edition provides powerful AES encryption so you can protect files as you zip them. You can even password-protect a specific file being added to a Zip file without having to encrypt the Zip file's entire contents!

Encrypt Files

Share Files

Why zip email attachments files before sharing?

  • Send and receive files faster
  • Compress your data into convenient, logical groups for easier sharing
  • Share hassle-free email attachments that don’t bounce

Now you can share files with confidence, knowing that they are smaller, safer and more manageable. Use WinZip Mac Edition to instantly compress files into compact, logical groups that are ideal for sharing. Because WinZip Mac Edition works with Mac's built-in Mail tool, you can also email a zipped file directly from the WinZip Mac Edition window! With a few easy clicks, zip and encrypt a set of files as an email attachment, compose an accompanying message and send the email instantly. Compressed email attachments mean swifter deliveries and far fewer data transfer issues. For organizations, reducing the size of email attachments conserves network bandwidth and creates considerable savings in email server storage costs!

Share Files

Zip and encrypt files and enjoy swifter, safer sharing and significantly smaller storage—all with an easy-to-use Mac tool made just for you! Get WinZip Mac Edition today!

System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.5.X or 10.6.X
  • Internet access for product activation

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