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CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Training DVD

This training solution combines a 565 page ebook featuring full-color pages and detailed information on getting the most from CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5. Additionally, over 11.5 hours of video tutorials help you fully understand what you've read.

This ebook was designed for users to get the most from the PDF format with links to useful web pages, video tutorials and other related information within the ebook.

Sample files are provided so that you can work along while reading and watching. This is the most complete learning tool available for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5!

"CorelDRAW users want more time and money. This book delivers detailed techniques and powerful tips that will give you both."
    - Tony Severenuk, CorelDRAW User Experience Designer

Table of Contents
Lesson Intro: Introduction
Lesson 1: Getting the Most Out of This Book
Lesson 2: Getting the Most Out of CorelDRAW X5
Lesson 3: Bitmap vs. Vector
Lesson 4: The CorelDRAW Interface
Lesson 5: Drawing Predefined Shapes
Lesson 6: Drawing Freehand Shapes & Lines
Lesson 7: Creating & Manipulating Text
Lesson 8: Selecting & Transforming Objects
Lesson 9: Shaping Objects
Lesson 10: Working With Color
Lesson 11: Filling Objects
Lesson 12: Color Management
Lesson 13: Outlining Objects
Lesson 14: Custom Arrowhead, Patterns & Characters
Lesson 15: Opening and Saving Files
Lesson 16: Importing Files
Lesson 17: Exporting Files
Lesson 18: Viewing, Zooming & Panning
Lesson 19: Object Ordering, Layers & the Object Manager
Lesson 20: Rulers, Guidelines & Grids
Lesson 21: Combining, Grouping & Converting to Curves
Lesson 22: Shaping With Weld, Trim, Intersect & More
Lesson 23: Align, Distribute, Duplicate, Copy & Paste
Lesson 24: Clone & Symbols
Lesson 25: Enveloping, Distortion & Perspective
Lesson 26: Extruding & Beveling
Lesson 27: Blending, Contouring & Drop Shadows
Lesson 28: Mesh Fills (15 pages)
    Tutorial Movie List
    Creating a Mesh Fill (4:21)
Lesson 29: Lens, Transparency & PowerClip
Lesson 30: Fitting Text to a Path
Lesson 31: Working With Tables
Lesson 32: Corel PowerTRACE
Lesson 33: Manually Tracing Bitmaps
Lesson 34: Publishing PDF Files
Lesson 35: Page Setup & Labels
Lesson 36: Working With Bitmaps
Lesson 37: Color Adjustment and Bitmap Effects
Lesson 38: Styles, Templates and Finding Artwork
Lesson 39: Writing Tools
Lesson 40: Finding and Replacing Objects
Lesson 41: Preparing for Output
Lesson 42: Web Graphics
Lesson 43: Digital Printing
Lesson 44: Offset Printing and Color Separations
Lesson 45: Optimization and Customization of CorelDRAW