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Shoot. Share. Done!

Fast photo sharing to friends and Facebook®!

Slingshot is an all-new FREE iPhone app from Corel that offers the fastest and easiest way to capture and share photos on Facebook. Simply log in to Facebook, then let Slingshot take care of the rest, with automated photo sharing to any friends, groups and albums you chose. Slingshot will also automatically back up copies of your photos to a private Facebook album to keep the photos you love in one safe and easy-to-access location.


  • Auto-share photos with selected people and Facebook albums instantly, using custom sharing groups
  • Auto-resize files for speedy sharing
  • Auto-boost the contrast in your photos
  • Auto-backup your photos to a private Facebook album
  • Keep your photos in your Camera Roll or save space by having them backed up to Facebook instead (freeing you to delete them from your Camera Roll)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to first log into Facebook in order to use Slingshot?

How does Slingshot make photo sharing so easy with “Shoot. Share. Done!”?

What is boosting?

What is a sharing group?

Why is Slingshot asking me for an email address and password when I want to share photos?

When I share photos via email, will all my recipients see who else is receiving the photo?

What do the red numbers mean on the Camera View screen?

When I turn off Small Image Size, why are my Facebook album photos only 2000 pixels wide/high?

What is the Facebook backup album for?

Why isn’t my caption backed up to my private Facebook album?

What happens when my private or public Facebook album is full?

Why do I have multiple copies of some photos on Facebook?

Why do I need a Facebook backup album when I’m already posting my photos to Facebook?

Why did my friend receive more than one copy of the photos I shared?

Can I edit my photos with Slingshot?

Can Slingshot share videos?

Can Slingshot share photos directly to Flickr® and Twitter?