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Cut and mash YouTube™ videos to share on Facebook®

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ChopChop is a fun, fast and free Facebook app

ChopChop lets you and your friends instantly cut and mash videos together from YouTube, then add titles, links and friend tags. With its built-in YouTube™ search tool and handy drag-and-drop feature, it's easy to chop together your favorite video clips and create fun video mashups!

You and Lady Gaga. Your BFF and Justin Bieber. It's time to mash together your favorite people, moments and videos from YouTube and turn them into something that will make your friends laugh out loud.

It's video sharing for everyone! Why comment on videos when you can edit them together! Here are just a few of the ways you can start chopping—and of course, it's free!


  • Integrated YouTube search tool – quickly grab the videos you want from YouTube
  • Chop tool – chop up your chosen videos and cut straight to the good parts
  • The Chopping Block – mash your videos together
  • Titles, captions and music – overlay funny names, titles and captions
  • Tagging – label your Facebook friends—or leave comments on friends' videos
  • Instant sharing – post your video mashup straight to Facebook and tell your friends to check it out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChopChop?

Where do I access ChopChop?

How does it work?

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Can I share Facebook videos?

Do I need a Facebook account?

Why can I only use YouTube videos?

What do you think people will use this for?

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How do I include my own videos in a ChopChop mashup?

Sometimes I'm unable to drag in the YouTube video I want. How come?

Who can see my ChopChop videos?

What browsers are supported?

How does HTML5 fit into this?

I want to edit in more ways than ChopChop allows—some real Citizen Kane stuff. What do you suggest?

Where can I log bugs or make feature requests?