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Annual Training Plan

Start learning from the experts today & save 55%!

  • New! Exclusive training plan
  • Quickly become a savvy user
  • Getting Started Webinar
  • Four, One-to-One Personalized training sessions
  • Introductory price of $89!
  • Annual Training Plan
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Enhance your Corel experience with a valuable Training Plan!

There’s no better way to get set up, get trained, and get going with your Corel product than with Corel’s exclusive Training Plan. The most knowledgeable product experts will teach you all the basics via four personalized training sessions and a Getting Started Webinar. So whether you’re brand new to your Corel product, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, this Training Plan is designed to help you reach your next creative level.

The Annual Training Plan costs just $89 for a full year – that’s a savings of 55%! Enroll today to enjoy the creative freedom your Corel product offers you.

The Training Plan is available for:

  • CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6
  • Corel® PaintShop™ Pro X4
  • Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X4
  • Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 - Coming soon
  • Corel® Painter® 12 - Coming soon

Training Plan Options

Not sure if the complete Training Plan package is right for you? Choose only what you need:

One-to-One Personalized Training

30-minute training session with product expert


Getting Started Webinar

1-2 hour introductory training session



Getting Started Webinar

Taught by industry experts, this 1-2 hour introductory session is the only opportunity to get a complete overview of your product, and learn how to use its many features and tools. You can ask questions, either before the session through the registration process, or during the training itself.

After purchasing the Getting Started Webinar:

  1. You’ll receive an email invitation to register
  2. If you registered but missed the webinar, you will automatically be sent an invitation
  3. Didn’t register, but want to attend? Simply call Corel Sales at 1.877.582.6735 to request an invitation

Products and topics being featured in the Getting Started Webinar:

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6

A session that’s packed with industry specific tips & tricks to increase your design productivity. Explore what this powerful suite has to offer, such as vector illustration, page layout, photo editing, tracing and more.

Corel® PaintShop™ Pro X4

This session explores the interface of this award-winning application. You’ll learn how to work with RAW images within the RAW lab, plus learn a number of exciting pro-level effects and techniques.

Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X4

This session teaches you how to create professional-looking videos on your own system. You’ll review the interface and learn how to take, create, edit, render and share videos. Plus, discover how to combine still images and video clips into a movie.

Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5

Coming soon!

Corel® Painter® 12

Coming soon!

Corel’s Getting Started Webinars are usually offered during the last week of every month.
View schedule of upcoming sessions

One-to-One Personalized Training

  • Four, 30-minute, One-to-One sessions
  • Live training with your product expert
  • Flexibility to build your own curriculum

The One-to-One Personalized Training is customized to match the subject matter to your product needs. In essence, you get to decide which topics are most relevant to you. For example, you can benefit from these valuable product insights or build your own curriculum:

  • CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6

    Learn how to improve your graphic design skills, master a particular tool, or a new feature whether it’s creating a halftone pattern, print merge or batch processing.

  • Corel® PaintShop™ Pro X4

    Be introduced to the interface of this award-winning application. Plus learn how to work with RAW images, re-touch photos and more

  • Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X4

    Learn the step-by-step process of how to create great-looking 2D and 3D movies

  • Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5

    Coming soon!

  • Corel® Painter® 12

    Coming soon!

Or better yet, ask your specific questions during the actual live training. An effective way to guarantee you get answers to your most important product questions. If you need more time with your product expert, you can always purchase another session. Just let your trainer know!

How do I set up my One-to-One training?

Shortly after you purchase the Premium Protection Plan, a product expert will contact you to set up a time for your training and the curriculum you would like to cover.

Annual Training Plan Coverage

The Annual Training Plan is available for the following products:

  • CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6
  • Corel® PaintShop™ Pro X4
  • Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X4
  • Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 (Coming soon)
  • Corel® Painter® 12 (Coming soon)

The Annual Training Plan is non-refundable and is not available to License or OEM users.