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WinDVD 2010

Bring the ultimate movie experience to your PC with Corel® WinDVD® 2010, the world’s leading video and DVD player software. Watch movies on your home theater system, desktop or laptop, and enjoy crystal-clear pictures with crisp, theater-like surround sound.
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WinDVD® Pro 2010, the best DVD player software for high-quality video playback, now offers Blu-ray 3D! Enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbusters in 3D, with superior picture quality and razor-sharp audio performance for the most lifelike entertainment experience. Support for both NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Shutter Glasses and XpanD polarized glasses lets you choose your viewing experience. Plus, you can take your flicks on the go with laptop features that make sure your batteries don’t run out before the movie.

  • Watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies in 3D
  • Play movies in popular audio and video formats
  • Experience the crisp sound quality of Dolby® Digital Sound
  • Watch movies wherever you are with battery optimization for your laptop
  • Play right from your camera, camcorder or DVD—no downloading required!
  • Get hands-on with Windows® 7 touch-screen features

Patches and Updates

DVD Player Software – Corel WinDVD 2010

WinDVD 2010

DVD player software for movie lovers and business travelers who just want an easy way to enjoy high-quality DVD playback. Get the true cinematic experience at home or on your laptop. Includes:

  • DVD-Video, QuickTime®, Windows Media® and AVCHD™ support
  • Dolby Digital® 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Battery optimization for laptops
  • Windows 7 multi-touch support

WinDVD Pro 2010

Kick it up a notch with HD! WinDVD Pro is a Blu-ray™ player that brings you Blu-ray 3D, supports AVCHD™ and even upscales standard DVDs to near-HD quality for more intense movies and music. Includes everything in the Standard version, plus:

  • Blu-ray 3D playback
  • GPU-accelerated upscaling for smoother playback of your DVD-video on high-definition display. Upscale DVD-video to fit your HD display, regardless of the platform!
  • Support for HD video formats like AVCHD, AVCREC, BD-R/BD-RE and BD-ROM
  • Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD
  • Dolby® Headphone/Dolby® Virtual Speaker/Dolby Pro Logic® IIx
  • Trimension All2HD

WinDVD is also part of the Digital Studio multimedia software suite.

What's New

WinDVD Pro 2010 offers new performance enhancements and better power management create a smoother, higher quality DVD software experience.

Blu-ray™ 3D Playback

Immerse yourself in an intense 3D viewing experience with the introduction of Blu-ray 3D. With support for both NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Shutter Glasses and XpanD polarized glasses, you choose how you want to experience your movie. One thing’s for sure—the action will be right at hand!

Faster and Smoother DVD Playback

The latest GPU/CPU enhancements make WinDVD faster and DVD playback smoother than ever before.

Advanced Upscaling

Upscale your DVD collections to fit your HD display—regardless of the platform—with Corel's new high-performance upscaling technology that takes SD video up to near-HD quality.

Simple New Design

The world's #1 video and DVD player software now features a new design to simplify your DVD software experience. Enjoy the movie even more with easier and faster access to controls. New support for Windows® 7 touch-screen features even lets you access all of WinDVD's controls with the touch of a finger. See for yourself!

Advanced Power Management

A new DVD software power scheme for Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 maximizes battery life without compromising video quality. Now you can now catch the end of that movie in vivid detail, even on battery mode.

Camcorder Playback

Forget the hassle of showing friends your videos on a small camera or camcorder screen—just plug in and press Play! Without any downloading, WinDVD 2010 lets you plug in your camera and playback videos directly on your PC for all to see.

WinDVD 2010—the #1 Blu-ray and DVD player software for the ultimate movie experience.


WinDVD Pro 2010 delivers the best Blu-ray and DVD playback performance on your PC. Immerse yourself in a 3D high-definition experience and radically enhance your viewing pleasure. Rich color. Sharp contrast. Crisp, booming sound. Lifelike detail. Once you go 3D and HD, there's no turning back!

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WinDVD Pro 2010

HD and Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback

Watch Blu-ray™ Discs in 3D

Now watch Hollywood movies in 3D! With new Blu-ray 3D technology, and support for both NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Shutter Glasses and XpanD polarized glasses, you choose how you want to experience your movie.

Play More HD Formats

  • Play all Blu-ray Disc formats and AVCREC
  • Enjoy direct playback of HD videos recorded with the latest AVCHD™ and Blu-ray Disc camcorders
  • Navigate and decode MPEG-2 Transport Stream video so you can watch captured HDTV programs. Easily select content to view with handy navigation tools

Outstanding Blu-ray Performance for Your Blu-ray-enabled PC

  • Watch Blu-ray movies in an enthralling 3D environment
  • Experience high-definition Blu-ray movies with stunning 1080p sharpness and next-generation surround sound
  • Get amazing extras, bonus features and exciting ways to interact with content, brought to you by your BD-Live titles
  • Playback HD video from DVD recordable discs with AVCREC support
  • Enjoy mouse simulation for BD-J menu navigation

Superior Video and Audio Quality

Upscale Video Quality on Standard DVDs

  • Experience Corel's brand new upscaling technology that delivers near-HD quality video from standard DVDs
  • GPU-accelerated upscaling works across different platforms
  • Choose from two modes: basic and advanced

Playback Directly from Camera or Camcorder

Looking at your video on a tiny camcorder or digital camera screen doesn't do the clip justice. Preview videos on your PC directly from your camera, camcorder or storage device for a much clearer picture of the event you captured. Just plug in and press Play!

Superior Home Theater Sound & Headphone Quality

Like you're hearing it live! Get superior sound performance with Dolby Digital® Sound. Easily configure your personal home theater with WinDVD Pro 2010 and the following technologies:

  • Dolby Headphone/Dolby Virtual Speaker/ Dolby Pro Logic IIx
  • DTS NEO: 6 – get incredible surround sound effects

Enhanced Power Management

New GPU/CPU Enhancements

When it comes to video, faster is better. Thanks to new optimization for new CPUs and GPUs, WinDVD is faster than ever before. It outpaces the competition, providing quick, smooth DVD playback and responsive controls.

Extended Battery Life

Now your DVD playback software ensures that your battery lasts the whole movie, every time. The new power plan is designed for optimal performance to extend the battery life on Windows Vista® and Windows® 7—without comprising video quality.

Video Effects and DVD Playback Controls

New Design

Find controls faster and easier with WinDVD's new user interface design.

Windows® 7 Support

Moving up to the exciting new user experience of Windows 7? WinDVD Pro 2010 DVD software is ready and waiting. Optimized for the new operating system, it supports key Windows 7 features, including Windows Touch, Jumplists, and Taskbar integration.

Movie Control at Your Fingertips

Take total control of your HD experience with a single touch. Combined with a Windows 7 touch screen PC, WinDVD Pro 2010 lets you access all of WinDVD's controls with the touch of a finger.


Want to watch a movie that's longer than your trip? WinDVD is the perfect travel companion! Be sure to catch the end of every movie with unique speed control that lets you set the time for DVD playback.

Pan & Zoom

Click and drag your mouse to pan across any part of the screen or use a simple hotkey to zoom in for a closer look. These tools are also ideal for optimizing DVD playback for a widescreen display.

Capture Image/QuickClip

Easily grab a favorite movie scene as a still picture or animated clip, then share it with friends via email.

WinDVD 2010

Superior Audio and Video Playback

Bring the movie theater experience to your PC with Dolby Digital® audio support for both standard-definition DVD-Video and high-definition AVCHD.

Instant Preview

When your tiny camcorder or digital camera screen just won't cut it, playback your video clips right on your PC. Just plug in your camera for an instant preview!

Personalized Bookmarks

Insert a bookmark to tag your favorite scenes or pick up a movie where you left off.

Capture Images from DVDs

Take a snapshot or record video clips of memorable scenes, then share them with your friends via email.

Broad Video Format Support

Play the most common video types, including DVD-Video, QuickTime®, Windows Media® and AVCHD.

Battery Optimization for Laptops

Watch your entire movie without worrying about running out of battery power.

WinDVD 2010—the best-quality video and DVD playback software for your PC.

Blu-ray 3D FAQ

How does 3D video work?

3D is based on the way our brain and eyes work together. Because each eye views the same scene from a slightly different angle, they each return a distinct perspective. This difference allows the brain to distinguish depth. When the brain merges both images to produce a single picture, a 3D perspective is created.

To create the depth required to make the flat 2D presentation of a TV or computer monitor appear in 3D, two different images are alternately projected – one to each eye – which causes the picture to appear fuzzy unless you are wearing a pair of 3D glasses. The 3D glasses alternate the images to the correct eye.

What is Blu-ray™ 3D?

Blu-ray 3D is a new movie format that became available in early 2010. Blu-ray discs can store over five times more data than regular DVDs. Using Multiview Video Coding (MVC) technology to compress separate views for the left eye and right eye, Corel® WinDVD® Pro 2010 delivers the most detailed and interactive 3D video experience available on disc!

How can I watch Blu-ray 3D videos using WinDVD Pro 2010?

You will need:

  • A 3D-capable display (TV, computer display or notebook PC display)
  • 3D Glasses that are compatible with the 3D display – WinDVD Pro 2010 supports NVIDIA 3D Vision Shutter Glasses and XpanD Polarized Glasses

Please visit Tech Specs to make sure that your computer is equipped and compatible.

When you are ready, follow these steps to set up the 3D video playback mode in WinDVD Pro 2010:

  1. On the Setup dialog box, click the 3D Preferences tab.

  2. Choose the 3D file layout that best describes your file from the available options in the drop-down menu.

  3. Choose between the following options to specify your Blu-ray disc™ playback preference:

    • Always play Blu-ray 3D with 3D Mode: Automatically plays Blu-ray discs with 3D features in 3D mode
    • Always play Blu-ray 3D with 2D Mode: Automatically plays Blu-ray discs with 3D features in 2D mode

  4. In 3D Display Setup, specify your hardware display information to help WinDVD determine the optimum playback configuration for 3D playback.

    • Monitor Type: Choose the correct monitor type and display configuration from the available options in the drop-down menu
    • Screen Format: Choose between WideScreen (16:9) and Standard (4:3) to determine the aspect ratio of your display hardware
    • Monitor Size: Enter the size (in inches) of your monitor/display hardware
System Requirements

WinDVD 2010

  • Intel® Pentium® 4 2.8GHz or equivalent AMD Athlon™ processor or higher recommended
  • Windows® 7, Windows Vista® or Windows® XP, with latest service packs installed
  • 256 MB of RAM (512 MB or higher recommended)
  • 250 MB of free disk space
  • Windows-compatible sound card
  • Windows-compatible optical drive for DVD/AVCHD playback

WinDVD Pro 2010

  • Intel® Core™ Processor Family, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 3800+ 2.0 GHz or higher recommended
  • Windows® 7, Windows Vista® or Windows® XP, with latest service packs installed
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • NVIDIA G8x and above; AMD M7x and above; Intel GM45/G45 series (Windows Vista/Windows 7). Minimum 128 MB VRAM; recommended 256 VRAM
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Capable VGA
  • 250 MB of free disk space
  • Windows-compatible sound card
  • Windows-compatible optical drive for DVD/AVCHD playback
  • Windows-compatible BD drive for BD playback
  • Internet connection required for online features (BD-Live)

Display requirements for Blu-ray 3D playback

  • 3D glasses (Active Shutter 3D glasses or Passive Polarized 3D glasses) with compatible 3D display panel
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Capable VGA display card or Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics

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