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WordPerfect Office X5 Hot Patch 2

WordPerfect Office X5 Hot Patch 2 applies to Service Pack 2 (, with or without Hot Patch 1.

The fixes include:

  • Hot Patch 1: Corrects a problem with printing/publishing documents containing justified lines with non-printable characters
  • Reveal Codes: Settings are now retained between sessions
  • Reference Tools: Dialog drop-downs are returned to pre-SP2 dimensions and Windows® 7 compatibility is improved
  • Documents are no longer incorrectly marked as modified while "Treat tabs like MS Word" is enabled
  • Pressing Alt, Ctrl or Shift no longer causes Windows® XP Classic Theme instabilities while the Merge toolbar is enabled
  • The last character is no longer dropped from text fields of maximum length when SQL data is imported
  • Auto-formatting of Web addresses now works as expected, even when certain QuickCorrect > Format-As-You-Go options are turned off
  • Filenames for generated merge documents now appear properly in the Application Bar file switcher
  • HTTPS Web addresses are now recognized and appropriately auto-formatted
  • The "Open PDF After Saving" setting is now respected with publication to PDF via macro
  • Enhanced File dialog: Previewing of files with multiple WPGs, and files that are not well-formed, is improved
  • Macros triggered by closing a template no longer cause instabilities
  • Redaction can now be performed on 50 or more marked items
  • Quattro Pro: "Hide gridlines in filled regions" no longer resets with the Line Drawing control