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Photography - Pro

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but after seeing some of the amazing photos taken by Corel users and processed using our software, we’re usually left speechless. It just goes to show that when you put powerful photo-editing tools into the hands of talented photographers, you end up with magic.

  • Mixed Media Artist

    From Photo Album , Noonan went on to Corel Paint Shop Pro and then, eventually, Corel Painter . The combination of the three programs has helped her grow as an artist.

  • CafePress Photography Business

    The limitless capabilities of the CafePress system combined with the timesaving features of Paint Shop Pro has allowed Deborah Carney to create an image catalogue of 3,000 images and an online offering of 9,000 products.

  • A picture is worth a thousand neurotransmitters

    Stanton uses Paint Shop Pro to create images that he believes exercise the ‘processing’ center of the human brain.

  • John Woodward Photography

    A professional photographer with more than 30 years experience in the industry, this New Yorker turns to PHOTO-Paint for re-touching work and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to create mailing pieces and web galleries.

  • Art Photographer

    A digital camera and Paint Shop Pro have allowed a Minneapolis photographer to turn his passion for picture taking into a full-time career.

  • Wedding Photographers

    The versatility Paint Shop Photo Album helps husband and wife team organize and managed thousands of digital images.

  • Newspaper Photographer

    Paint Shop Pro lets a newspaper photographer concentrate more on the composition of his photos than the boring technicalities, plus with the help of Paint Shop Photo Album he can keep track of all the photos he takes.

  • Wedding Photographer

    Award-winning photographer uses Paint Shop Pro to build her wedding photography business and to create art.

  • Portrait Photographer

    Paint Shop Pro has been a long-time professional companion for this portrait photographer, and with his discovery of Virtual Painter it has become a companion on his more artistic ventures.