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Florida Man Converts 35MM Slides to Digital Images

Over the years, John Rodgers and his family had grown accustomed to watching slide shows of their vacations, holidays, and special events. When Rodgers, of Vero Beach, FL, first made the switch from film to digital, his wife was a little disappointed.

"She was a little upset that the family wouldn't be able to watch the slide shows anymore," Rodgers said. "So I went out and got her a laptop and projector for her birthday. We've had some family shows since then and now she doesn't mind so much."

Rodgers, who has been an avid photographer since the 60s, made the switch to digital when he found himself getting more involved with editing the photos on his computer.

"I like that I can fix the composition after I take the picture, since I'm not so good at thinking about it before," Rodgers said.

Rodgers went looking for a photo editor because he wasn't happy with the software that came with his computer. This lead him to Paint Shop Pro, which he first picked up when it was Version 5.

Unlike his wife, Rodgers hasn't regretted the switch to digital at all.

“I use Paint Shop Photo Album to e-mail pictures all the time, but what I really like is the panorama feature”

John Rodgers
Convert Slides to Digital

"I like that I get to see the photos right away," he said. "I get to take a lot of pictures now and not spend a whole lot of money to do it. I used to take about 200 rolls of film a year, and now, since getting the digital camera, I take even more."

Since going digital, slide shows aren't the only way Rodgers shares his photos.

"I use Paint Shop Photo Album to e-mail pictures all the time," he said. "I've used it to print photos, but what I really like is the panorama feature."

On a recent trip to Belize Rodgers took pictures of the beach with the intent of turning them into a panorama.

"It's just so much easier using Photo Album than it is to line the photos up by hand."

While Rodgers is having fun shooting digital photos and sharing them, he's made the decision to go completely digital. This involves converting all his 35mm slides to digital images.

"I have more than 30 years worth of slides," he said. "They take up a lot of space."

“That really helps a lot of the pictures”

John Rodgers
Convert Slides to Digital

Scanning in thousands of slides is no small undertaking and helping him in his quest is Paint Shop Pro.

After scanning each slide, Rodgers enhances the old photos using Paint Shop Pro's One Step Photo Fix.

"That really helps a lot of the pictures," he said.

If the One Step Photo Fix doesn't solve all the photo's problems, Rodgers will make adjustments by hand.

"Mostly, I just lighten the pictures up a bit. Usually One Step Photo Fix works and I crop them to try to get rid of the distracting backgrounds," he said. "I just try to make them a little better than they were originally."

With Paint Shop Pro, Rodgers has also found a way to improve an already great original. In 2001, Rodgers took his grandson on a baseball trip to Chicago and St. Louis. When they arrived home, Rodgers found he had taken about 600 pictures. Of those 600 pictures, he saved about 400 and even used Paint Shop Pro's artistic tools to make the photos look like paintings.

"It's just personal and family photos," he said. "But, I have a lot of fun with it."