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Professional Art/Design

It's hard to tell professional artists and designers just what they can do with Corel's variety of creativity and productivity software. Just when we think we've covered everything, one of our users will come up with a wholly new and imaginative way to use our software. The only thing we can do is take pride in the fact that we've given them the powerful and inspirational tools they need to create amazing works of art.

  • Illustrator

    Illustrator and instructor Emiliano Ponzi creates illustrations for the world's leading advertising and publishing firms, using Corel® Painter™ as a way of seeing the world through different eyes.

  • Digital Artist

    Jennifer Reagle has designed book covers and posters, and had her art featured on the cover of magazines.

  • Web Design

    Acknowledged as one of the most influential designers of 2004 by WebDesign Magazine, Patrick Boyer began his career as a Designer/ Art Director in 1998 through ‘UrbanCowboy', an international acclaimed creative design identity.

  • Animator

    A long-time photographer, Kevin Parnell began transforming his photographs into painterly works of art when Art Media tools were added in Paint Shop Pro 9.

  • Freelance Illustrator

    Gene Vandervoort is a freelance illustrator/animator whose drawings are character-driven by Corel® Painter™ and Toon Boom Studio.

  • Animator

    Toon Boom Studio and Corel® Painter™ are a winning combination. Jonny Pumfrey tells us why.

  • Author, Teacher, and Illustrator

    This Danish illustrator and author has written books about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat. He knows these applications inside and out. But when he wants to get the job done quickly, he always uses CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

  • 3D Illustrator

    The power and precision of Corel DESIGNER allows a Belgian 3D Illustrator to create scale models fit for royalty.

  • Video Graphics Artist

    With Paint Shop Pro and Virtual Painter a video graphic artist discovers more than a creativity tool — he finds artistic inspiration.

  • Professional Painter

    After injuries sidelined her athletic career, a Canadian artist turned to painting and with the help of Paint Shop Pro has turned her hobby into a career.

  • Instructional Designer

    The depth and versatility of Paint Shop Pro has convinced one artist and freelance Instructional Designer to transition away from old-fashioned watercolors and create her art with a computer.

  • Artist's Vision

    Paint Shop Pro proves to be a great fit for both professionally and philosophically, for a Florida Artist whose finds the purpose of art is about giving a voice to more people.

  • Caricaturist

    The ease and fun of Paint Shop Pro make it a favorite for an artist who specializes in caricatures, and helps him turn his hobby into a career.

  • Globetrotting Artists

    The versatility of Paint Shop Pro suits this Scottish-born Artist as he hopscotches through a variety of interesting jobs, locales, and artistic styles.