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Students and educators alike benefit from using Corel's productivity and creativity software. Whether educators are using the WordPerfect Office Suite to prepare materials for the classroom or students are discovering the fun of digital imaging with the Paint Shop Family of software, Corel has the solution for every educational need.

  • Helping disabled students with CorelDRAW

    Some students face greater challenges than others both in and out of the classroom. Discover how one innovative high school teacher developed curriculum that uses CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to prepare students with disabilities for life after graduation. (.PDF)

  • Making the switch to Corel education software

    With schools and educational institutions across North America facing sweeping budget cuts, it's harder than ever to get the software students need to learn and succeed. In this case study, learn why two schools chose Corel software over other industry-leading alternatives. (.PDF)

  • Students are game for Corel Academic Site Licence

    When the University of Abertay Dundee received a request to provide Corel graphics software for its Dare to be Digital games development competition, it asked Corel Corporation for help. Thanks to a Corel Academic Site Licence, the university ensured that participants had access to all the software they required. (.PDF)

  • Boosting creativity with cool IT

    As the head of IT at Reigate School in Surrey (UK), Steve Hollands wanted to leverage the students' interest in video and editing. He started by downloading the trial version of Corel VideoStudio Pro and instead of testing out all the functions right away, he handed it over to some students and asked them to report back with their impressions. Find out how they got on in this case study! (.PDF)

  • Digital Design for Teachers of the Future

    For over twenty years, the University of Barcelona has incorporated digital tools in the curriculum of educational courses. The Faculty of Teacher Education has been working with a wide range of design and visualisation software since 1994. A core element on the curriculum is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. (.PDF)

  • Budding reporters go for gold

    You know how it is when you're enjoying a chocolate bar – it always seems to end too soon. That's exactly what a team of students at Langley Grammar School in Slough, England, thought when they were asked to think up a fictitious product and produce a TV ad for it. (.PDF)

  • Detectives in white coats

    Find out how staff and students at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz use Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite to illustrate their work as analysts and toxicologists, making the invisible visible. (.PDF)

  • North American Division Adventist Education

    North American Division Adventist Education reduces costs while deploying state-of-the-art graphics software throughout a North American school system. (.PDF)

  • IT instructor uses WordPerfect

    IT instructor Leo Staggs relies on WordPerfect Office to create workbooks for his Microsoft Office courses. (.PDF)

  • University of Manitoba

    For quick and easy formatting of papers and presentations, the Training and Safety Coordinator at the University of Manitoba turns to WordPerfect Office 12 - Student and Teacher Edition to get the job done. (.PDF)

  • Ferris State University

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite helps the staff of Ferris State University save time and money, while they create engaging campus publications and materials. (.PDF)

  • Adult Education Instructor

    An instructor for the Upper Grand District School Board Continuing Education program in Mount Forest, and Palmerston, Ontario, Canada shares her love of Paint Shop Pro with students while teaching them how to restore old photos.

  • Elementary School Teacher

    Elementary school children in Florida discover their creative side with help from their teacher and Paint Shop Pro's Picture Tubes™.

  • Learning by Design

    With over 1500 students aged 11 to 18, Tadcaster Grammar School (TGS) in North Yorkshire is a hive of activity and raw talent – especially when it comes to Design & Technology, an increasingly popular subject area for students. However, for pupils to fulfil their potential in, for example, graphic design, they need the right tools. More specifically, they need software that is easy to use and enables them to produce their best work. Unfortunately, students at TGS didn't have that luxury – until the school made the decision to purchase CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite. (.PDF)

If you would like to share your success story please contact gillian.picton@corel.com