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Digital Scrapbooking

The care digital scrapbookers take in making their layouts look as realistic as possible is astonishing, and well worth the effort. By harnessing the power of layers, brushes, and drop shadows, scrapbookers are giving their digital photos a new life, and preserving their memories for generations to come.

  • Scrapbooking Artist

    When a Minnesota artist discovered that she could blend scrapbooking, her favorite hobby, with her computer skills, and Paint Shop Pro the pieces of her life fell into place.

  • Family Scrapbooker

    When this Texas woman went looking for a creative outlet, she didn’t need to look any further than her own sons, and once she found that inspiration she put it to work using Paint Shop Pro .

  • Scrapbooking Entrepreneur

    With a little help from some tutorials and Paint Shop Pro this South African woman has turned her scrapbooking hobby into a business.