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Benefits of working with Corel

Benefits to working with Corel

When evaluating Corel as a potential partner, consider the following key benefits;

Corporate-class support

Premium support is available for all our business customers. We offer priority telephone access to highly skilled technicians with prioritised problem resolution. Free direct online support, or support online from third party resources, is also accessible, and all our corporate customers receive free service-pack releases when they purchase a volume-based licence (CTL) or annual site licence (CLL). Scripting capabilities to enable businesses to automate specific tasks are also available for certain products.

Intuitive technology

The primary focus of our ongoing research and development is on our customers’ user experience and satisfaction. Many of our products have been designed with built-in task-oriented learning centres to guide a novice user. As experience and confidence grows over time, the learning centres can be switched off. Our products also offer one-step tools to simplify complex tasks. For instance, the one-step tools within Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo offer quick photo corrections to problems users most often encounter. Whenever possible, our products deliver automated process tools to offer further value, such as the 'Publish to PDF' feature in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and automated data backup in WinZip.

Multilingual support

We strive to meet the needs of global corporations by delivering and supporting products in multiple languages. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite supports up to 17 languages: English, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Those products with built-in multilingual network deployment include; CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Corel Paint Shop Pro, WinZip, WinDVD, WordPerfect Office, and Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite.


To facilitate the sharing of information throughout an organisation and with customers and suppliers, we offer a standardised product platform that is compatible with all popular and specialist file types. Compatibility features in our products help to maximise the use of internal software assets as well as those of your clients. For example; Corel WordPerfect Office can open, save, and share Microsoft® Word documents, it even has a Microsoft Office compatibility toolbar so the interface can be set to replicate one more familiar to your employees; CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has more than 100 import and export filters; Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo is compatible with more than 250 RAW file formats.