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Keep track of your meetings without leaving your email

One of WordPerfect MAIL's innovative features is that it organizes your folders, message list, message view and calendar meetings all on one screen so that you can see your meetings and emails all on one time-saving screen. The WordPerfect MAIL Calendar Peek is a reduced view of the Calendar. It highlights the current date, displays events that are scheduled for any day you select, and lets you add new events to a Calendar, without leaving the Email window. You can enter a brief description and time duration in the Calendar Peek area, or you can open the Events dialog box to add more information. You can create events for the current month, or click an arrow to display other months.

To Turn on the Calendar Peek in WordPerfect MAIL:

  • select View --> Calendar Peek

To create an event from Calendar Peek:

  • First, select the month in which you want to create an event, if different than the current one.

  • To select a different month, click the left- or right-pointing arrows next to the month and year.

  • Double-click on the day/date on which you want to create an event.

  • This opens the New Event dialog box. See Creating an Event for detailed information on how to complete this dialog box. Complete the next steps to see how Calendar Peek works.

  • In the New Event dialog box, enter a brief event description in the Subject field.

  • Enter the email address for at least one person in the Participants field.

  • Accept the Start and End date, or select a Start time and Duration.

  • Select which Calendar this event should be associated with.

  • Click Save.

The event date appears highlighted in yellow in Calendar Peek, and the event start time and description appear just above Calendar Peek. You can edit the event information using the procedures below.