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Importing delimited text in Quattro Pro

Quattro Pro® lets you import delimited text files into spreadsheets. Delimited text files use specific characters, such as commas, quotation marks, or tabs to separate fields of text. When you import a delimited text file into a spreadsheet, the delimiter character, for example a comma, serves as a marker that instructs Quattro Pro to divide the text into columns. The delimiter character does not display in the spreadsheet.

This is an example of a text file that uses tabs to delimit text.

Importing a delimited text file

To successfully import a delimited text file into Quattro Pro, the file must be unformatted and saved as a plain ASCII text file or a Comma separated values (CSV) text file. Before you open a delimited text file, you need to remove any control codes, word-processor formatting, or special formatting such as bold, underlining, or centering.

This is an example of a Comma separated values (CSV) text file in which the comma separates the text fields.

To import a delimited text file

  1. Click Tools > Data tools > QuickColumns™.

  1. Click the Browse button in the Text source box.

  2. Choose the drive and folder where the file is stored.

  3. Choose All files from the File type list box.

  4. Double-click the filename.

    The QuickColumns Expert appears.

  5. Choose Delimited auto from the Parse settings list box.

    Quattro Pro detects the file's delimiter character and automatically separates the text into columns.

    If you want to specify settings for importing the delimited text file, click Settings.

  6. Click OK to import the text file.

This is an example of a Comma separated values (CSV) text file in Quattro Pro.