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Working with Microsoft Word Users

WordPerfect® Office makes it easy to share documents with Microsoft® Office users. WordPerfect has compatibility features that let you open and edit Microsoft® Word files. You can then save the file in the native file format of Microsoft Word, allowing for the sharing of files across applications. WordPerfect also lets you save any document in the Microsoft Word file format.

When you finish a document, you can e-mail it directly from WordPerfect.

To open a Microsoft® Word document

  1. Click File > Open.

  2. Choose the drive and folder where the Microsoft Word file is stored.
    Choose Microsoft Word from the File type box.

  1. Click the Microsoft Word file.

  2. Click Open.

To save a WordPerfect® document as a Microsoft® Word document

  1. Click File > Save as.

  2. Choose the drive and folder where you want to save the file.

  3. Type the filename in the File name box.

  4. Choose an MS Word format from the File type list box.

  1. Click Save.

To e-mail a document from WordPerfect®

Click File > Send to > Mail recipient.

Your e-mail client opens, and a new mail message is created with the document as an attachment.