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Converting video to mobile devices in 3 easy steps!

Corel® DVD Copy™ is a powerful tool for converting video files into a wide variety of standard and high-definition formats. This tutorial will show you how to convert your videos for playback on popular cell phones, PDAs, and smart devices.

Open DVD Copy™ 6, click Convert File. Select Convert to CellPhone, Convert to iPhone™, or Convert to iPod®, depending on your output device.

If converting to: Select:
iPod touch™ and iPhone™ Convert to iPhone™
iPod nano® Convert to iPod®
Windows Mobile® devices Convert to Zune™
BlackBerry® Convert to CellPhone
Palm® Treo™ Convert to CellPhone

Step 1: Add source

Click the Add video from local button.

The Add Video File dialog box appears. Locate and select your video files and then click Open. Thumbnails of your videos are added in Source.

Step 2: Choose target

In Target, click Browse Target to select the location where your video will be copied.

Step 3: Set output quality

In Profile, click the down arrow to select the format/bitrate/screen resolution to set the quality of your video.

Click Start Copying to start converting the video.

To learn how to convert to specific devices, click the links below:

Converting video to iPod touch™, iPhone™ and iPod nano®

Converting video to Windows Mobile® devices

Converting to BlackBerry®

Converting to Converting to Palm® Treo™

For complete information on how to convert video files to the various mobile devices mentioned above, download the Quick Start Guide.