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What's New in WordPerfect® Office X5

On March 23, 2010, Corel introduced the newest version of the world's leading alternative to Microsoft® Office. WordPerfect Office X5 is a fully featured suite with three powerful applications for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations that has great compatibility with Microsoft Office.

This latest release integrates online tools with the existing office suite so clients can have the best of both worlds – a smooth transition that lets them maximize online resources for collaboration and provides a solid foundation of document production and automation tools.

Microsoft® Office OOXML Compatibility
From large international corporations to small family-owned businesses, people are exchanging files and collaborating with others more than ever. With support for over 60 different file types, WordPerfect Office X5 is designed to let users focus on the content of a file, not the format. WordPerfect Office X5 lets you open, edit and save in the latest Microsoft Office OOXML file formats, as well as legacy formats that not even Microsoft supports, so collaborating with Microsoft Office users is 100% hassle free.

Nuance® PaperPort® 12 SE
One of the most exciting additions to the WordPerfect Office suite is Nuance PaperPort 12SE. The world's favorite document management software, PaperPort is the fastest and easiest way to scan, organize, find, and share electronic documents and photos. The intuitive PDF tools are the perfect complement to the PDF features already found in WordPerfect Office X5.

If you've never used PaperPort before, you're in for a real treat. All of your files appear as thumbnails in the PaperPort window so it's easy to preview, organize and search through all of your scanned documents and electronic files (see Figure 1). It's like having a digital filing cabinet that you can browse through quickly, or search through to compile a collection of related files. Play this short video for a preview of this exciting new offering.

Figure 1
In PaperPort, the files are displayed as thumbnail images of their contents so you can quickly locate the one that you need.

For more information on PaperPort and the rest of the PDF features in WordPerfect Office X5, see the PDF section of this month's newsletter.

Microsoft® Office SharePoint®
With WordPerfect Office X5, you now have direct access to document management systems (DMS) such as Microsoft SharePoint, so you can quickly check out documents, make revisions, view document history, track revisions, compare versions, identify document properties and check documents back in when you are finished with your revisions. Rather than uploading files through a web browser, the DMS interface is built into WordPerfect, giving you the same functionality as Microsoft Word. Take a quick peek at this short video demonstration.

Updated WordPerfect® iFilter
Enhancements to WordPerfect iFilter let you search through WordPerfect documents that are stored in a Microsoft SharePoint server with Google® Desktop and Windows® Desktop Search. You can search for text and attributes as well as key portions of text from documents.

The new version of WordPerfect iFilter has updated support for search tools including the ability to recognize accented characters, and content within subdocument types such as headers and footers, text boxes, comments and captions. You can also search within metadata file properties for information such as author, modification date and keywords.

Web Services Integration
Web Services is an increasingly important part of the workflow in enterprises, government departments and legal organizations. Web Services allow users to collaborate across systems and gather information from both internal and external sources. With Web Services integration in WordPerfect X5, users can now pull information from databases on Web sites.

You might, for example, create a report with updated stock prices, a real estate brochure that pulls in new MLS listings or a list of Top Ten books for publishing. All you need is the URL, or Weblink, for the Web Service. You configure the Web Service, type in your parameters, and then pull in the information and populate the fields in your document. Figure 2 shows a Web Service that pulls in weather information. Click here for a short video demonstration.

Figure 2
Once you configure the Web Service, you can pull the information directly into a document, where you can continue to work with it.

Mozilla® Thunderbird® for WordPerfect® Office
A customized version of Mozilla's Thunderbird email and calendaring application is included with WordPerfect Office X5. It has all of the bells and whistles, including a tabbed approach and a new set of search tools to help you locate a specific email in just seconds. Just like the browser tabs you've become accustomed to, message tabs let you keep multiple email messages open, each one in a separate tab, for quick reference (see Figure 3).

Figure 3
Mozilla's Thunderbird for WordPerfect Office X5 is a customized version of the popular open source email/calendar application.

There are beefed-up search features like filtering, indexing and timeline tools, so pinpointing a specific email doesn't seem so much like finding a needle in a haystack. Even in the midst of thousands of messages in hundreds of folders, Thunderbird's search tool locates related messages and places them in their own tab.

Thunderbird lets you manage email from multiple email accounts in the same inbox. You will also have access to contacts information in Microsoft® Outlook or WordPerfect's Address Book.

As you might expect, Thunderbird for WordPerfect Office X5 also includes a tightly integrated calendar so you can perform all of your email related calendaring tasks, like scheduling meetings (see Figure 4) and responding to event invitations. Here is a great demo video if you want a closer look.

Figure 4
Using Mozilla's Thunderbird calendar, you can create events and invite attendees.

Email Address Book Integration
New in this release, you can use all of your email address books when performing mail merges, filling in templates, generating envelopes and labels, and so on. WordPerfect Office X5 supports Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla® Thunderbird®, or Windows address books. Continued enhancements to MAPI-compliance is another step towards full Microsoft Exchange compatibility.

Reference Center
The Reference Center is designed to be a one-stop destination for all of the help resources in the suite (see Figure 5). In addition to the help topics, there are tutorials for each of the main applications, so even a novice user can get right to work. Help guides for the utilities (Address Book, WordPerfect Lightning, Scrapbook, Equation Editor, etc.) are found on the Utilities tab. Help for the writing tools, along with project-based tips on creating documents in WordPerfect and slide shows in Presentations, are grouped together on the Writing Tools tab. There are links to the user guides for PerfectScript and VBA, along with information specific to migrating legacy macros. And finally, the Other Resources tab has links to online resources where you can search the knowledge base and connect to other users through Corel's community site. To see the Reference Center in action, take a look at this short video.

Figure 5
The Reference Manager gathers all of the help topics, user guides, tutorials, and tips together in one place.

It's easier than ever to upgrade from an older version of WordPerfect Office. The migration process has been refined so it doesn't require as much effort on your part. Even if menu commands have changed, you can import templates, customized menus, shortcuts and toolbars created in previous releases to WordPerfect Office X5 in a few clicks. Click the Upgrade tab in the Installation dialog box (see Figure 6) and enable/disable the options to customize the migration.

Figure 6
The Upgrade tab has all the controls you need to customize the migration of customization from a previous version.

Windows® 7 Compatibility
WordPerfect Office X5 runs on Windows 7 and takes advantage of new Windows Touch features, giving you a more productive office suite experience. This video shows you how you can use the Touch feature to work with WordPerfect Office applications.