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Upscaling your video from standard to HD resolution

If you have tons of standard resolution DVDs, you can now enjoy them in high definition using WinDVD player. This is because WinDVD can upscale from standard to high definition resolution using Trimension™ All2HD.

Trimension™ All2HD is a software technology that provides high-definition enhancement from any video source. In this tutorial, we will show you how to upscale your video using this technology just a few steps.

Background information

If you are new to video, here are some helpful information about the upscaling process.

Standard DVD resolution is 720x480 ( 720 horizontal pixels and 480 vertical pixels displayed on your screen). This resolution is also referred to as 480i for interlaced scanning or 480p for progressive scanning.

In 480i, the horizontal lines are scanned and displayed alternately. All odd lines are scanned in one pass, then followed by all even lines in the next pass. These two fields are then combined to produce an image.

In 480p, the horizontal lines are scanned and displayed sequentially in a single pass. Progressive scanning produces higher image quality.

When WinDVD upscales your video, it matches the number of pixels of standard resolution output to the number of pixels of high definition output. This is typically 1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080i ). Sometimes, high definition output can also be 1080p -- the highest HD display format.

To upscale your video from standard to HD resolution:

1. Open WinDVD 9 and start playing your video.

2. Click Video and select All2HD to open the Enhance Video Panel.

Note: If the option are not enabled, click Setup to open the Setup dialog box. In the Audio/Video Setup tab, make sure that Use Hardware Decode Acceleration is not selected. This allows WinDVD to bypass the hardware-based enhancement technology provided by your video card.

3. In the All2HD tab, select Enable Trimension All2HD.

4. Select On in To HD Enhancement. This upscales your video to HD. Move the slider to adjust the amount of enhancement.

Note: Upscaling only matches high definition viewing. Blu-ray or HD-DVD disc content provide true high definition quality.