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Life at Corel

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Who We Are

Corel employees are passionate about developing great software, dedicated to serving our customers and partners around the world, and committed to supporting one another and celebrating shared successes.

  • We embrace change and pursue opportunity
  • We have a passion for growth
  • We believe in teamwork
  • We have the courage to innovate
  • We continually strive to enhance the customer experience


Behind every Corel product and service is a team of talented, highly motivated professionals, working together to continuously raise the bar on delivering innovative software solutions that change the way people work and live. We have a performance culture that benefits customers, employees and shareholders alike.

Corel's strategy revolves around customer excellence, operational excellence and people excellence. That means having the right products and services, and an agile, responsive organization that meets the needs of our customers and partners. It means having a culture dedicated to continuous improvement — delivering products and services faster, better and more cost-effectively than our competitors. And it means leveraging increased value through a focus on innovation in all that we do.

Corel employees are driven to deliver excellent results, and to share their ideas on how to drive growth even further. The more you contribute, the greater your professional and personal reward and recognition, through competitive pay-for-performance compensation and advancement opportunities.

Pride in Diversity

Corel is committed to building an inclusive and diverse workforce. We believe in fostering a work environment and culture that promotes, values and embraces the diversity of gender, ethnicity, ideas, lifestyles, professional insights and personal perspectives. This is why Corel stands apart as one of the world's top software companies and an employer of choice. A global company with more than 1,200 employees across the Americas, EMEA and Asia, Corel recognizes that the diversity it achieves with different perspectives and points of view provides a competitive advantage.

Open Communication

At Corel, we believe in open and honest communication. We encourage employees to share their perspectives and ideas freely and with enthusiasm. To keep employees informed, the executive team provides regular business updates through quarterly town hall-style gatherings, regular team meetings, our corporate Intranet, email and voice mail.


We understand that managers play an important role in supporting all employees with their individual goals, projects and professional development. We believe our managers should:

  • inspire and lead staff
  • oversee the business
  • manage and lead change
  • determine strategy and identify goals
  • coach and develop for peak performance
  • communicate
  • attract and select top talent

Corel encourages and expects managers to communicate with their staff through regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings, team meetings and quarterly reviews. Each quarter, employees get together with their managers to set new goals and review last quarter's goals. This process helps ensure that all employees have clear direction and feel part of the big picture at Corel.

Your Future at Corel: Grow Your Career

Corel has a dynamic, high-energy environment that offers meaningful employment and rewarding development opportunities. Along with award-winning software and widespread brand recognition, Corel offers strong company leadership. The management team is focused on increasing value for all stakeholders and is committed to achieving excellence with its products. Corel is focused on the future, which means attracting and retaining the right people: individuals who deliver outstanding results and share our passion for our products and customer service.

Professional Development

Corel is committed to partnering with our employees to provide support and assistance in creating personal success. We help obtain the training and professional development needed to maximize performance and contribution in their current jobs, and to help further their careers.

Leadership Development – Corel is committed to developing our leaders and future leaders through a series of new programs.

Education and Development – Corel supports continuing education through training courses, online courses, related certificate programs, seminars and conferences.

Career Planning – Management and Human Resources staff work with employees to develop career paths and learning plans in order to identify the necessary education and training needs of the employee.

Tuition Assistance and Professional Memberships – Corel offers a tuition reimbursement plan and professional memberships for eligible employees and programs.

Advancement Opportunities – Corel posts all employment opportunities, both internally and externally. Employees have access to postings, internal transfers and other employment opportunities among the different business units and across the global company. Employees can then apply for any position for which they feel qualified. We are committed to employee development and to giving our qualified employees full consideration before recruiting from outside of our organization.