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How to Apply

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Welcome to a world of opportunity at Corel. Learn more about the people we're looking for, how we go about hiring the best, and how this information can help you determine if Corel is the right place for you at this stage in your career.

Hiring Philosophy

Corel believes in the principles and spirit of equal employment opportunity. Our management team is committed to hiring the most qualified person for the job, based on skills, experience and qualifications. While upholding these high standards for selection, Corel also encourages and celebrates diversity of our global team.

Hiring Process

Corel's hiring process is designed to find the best match between the qualified job candidate and the needs of the company. For most Corel positions, this process will require that candidates participate in the following steps:

1. Create a Candidate Profile – All candidates are asked to complete an online profile so that we can compare your skills, experience and qualifications to the requirements of our employment opportunities. Go to Corel's Current Job Openings page and follow the log-on instructions to create your Candidate Profile.

2. Apply for a job opening – Using your Candidate Profile, you can apply to one or more jobs from our list of available positions. Please keep your profile up to date to maximize your suitability for new positions and leverage your most recent qualifications.

3. Consideration for an interview – If we determine that your qualifications and experience are suitably matched to the job opening, you will be contacted by Corel to arrange an interview.

4. Assessment and interview process – During your interview(s), you will learn more about the position and company. We use a formal selection process that could include written assessments, interview(s) and reference checks to ensure that your skills, capabilities and interests are appropriate for the position.

5. Employment offer – When the interview and assessment process is complete, Corel will contact you to confirm whether or not you are the successful candidate for the job opening. If you are the successful candidate, you will receive an offer letter. If you are not the successful candidate, your Candidate Profile will be saved in our database for 24 months. During this time, your profile will be searchable by Corel managers in consideration for other job opportunities. Again, please keep your profile up to date and check our Current Job Openings regularly.

Application Tips

General Resume Tips

  • Customize your resume information to the job you're seeking
  • Organize information carefully and indicate how you meet the job's essential qualifications
  • Keep descriptions clear and to the point
  • Use a simple, easy-to-read font, such as Arial, Times Roman or Verdana
  • Be accurate and mindful of key dates; if you are selected for a role, Corel will verify your information

Interview Tips

  • Let us know in advance how we may accommodate any special needs you may have
  • Come prepared to discuss your skills and experiences as they relate to the position
  • Research Corel and the related department, and know the job description
  • Arrive on time, preferably a few minutes early
  • Think about any questions you would like to ask