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New Corel® WordPerfect® eBook Publisher Simplifies Self-Publishing to the Kindle™

Free add-on to WordPerfect® streamlines publishing process, making it easy to become an eBook author

LegalTech-NEW YORK, NY – January 30, 2012

Today at Legal Tech® New York, Corel announced an exclusive beta preview of the new Corel® WordPerfect® eBook Publisher, a free add-on to WordPerfect® Office that enables users to write an eBook that can be published to the Kindle. For anyone who creates digital content such as white papers or textbooks, the WordPerfect eBook Publisher is an easy to use tool that converts digital content into eBooks, perfect for wider sharing and distribution. Currently, most self- publishing solutions involve lengthy how-to manuals and cumbersome formatting processes, often at additional expense. The new WordPerfect eBook Publisher simplifies the self-publishing process by providing a ready-to-use add-on to WordPerfect that saves the user time by streamlining the publishing process down to just a few clicks.

Key News Facts:

  • For anyone who aspires to publish an eBook, it’s now a simpler process with WordPerfect® Office. Simply download the free WordPerfect eBook Publisher add-on and use the streamlined interface to write your new book or article.
  • The WordPerfect eBook Publisher beta preview provides the legal community with a simplified way to self-publish content for a growing eBook reading audience.
  • Whether for business or pleasure, the WordPerfect eBook Publisher is one of the most cost effective ways to publish an eBook that can be shared on the Kindle™ or distributed either for free or at a set price through the Amazon® Kindle™ eBook store.
  • From case studies to guidebooks, the new add-on to WordPerfect Office helps anyone become a self-published author with a few step-by-step guided clicks.

Key features of the WordPerfect eBook Publisher include:

  • Download and install the free add-on to WordPerfect Office X4 or X5 and start writing in the streamlined interface
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to create an eBook in minutes
  • Add color photos, chapters and a cover to complete your eBook
  • Save the completed eBook in the MOBI format so that it can be shared on a Kindle or published for distribution on the Amazon Kindle eBook store
  • Preview the completed eBook before it’s ready to be published using the KindleGen Previewer from Amazon® and review how your eBook will look on certain devices including the Kindle, Kindle™ Fire, iPad®, iPhone®, etc.

Related Quote:

“With the growing popularity of eBooks, we wanted to use our expertise in word processing and formatting to simplify the self-publishing process and make it easy for anyone to become an eBook author. The process is currently complicated, cumbersome and can be expensive, which is why we created a straightforward template-based add-on, letting our users focus less on formatting and more on their content. We’re very excited to be here at LegalTech® sharing a first look with the legal community of our new development for WordPerfect and the self-publishing industry!”
- Peter Hanschke, Director Product Management – Productivity at Corel

Corel at LegalTech:

The Corel team will be at LegalTech in Booth 532 showcasing the Corel® WordPerfect® eBook Publisher with WordPerfect Office X5 and our Legal Briefcase. The Corel® Legal Briefcase is designed for Bar Association members and is a productivity-enhancing group of products that includes our award-winning programs for word processing, Tables of Authorities creation, PDF publishing, video playback and file compression. The collection of software was created to meet the needs of legal professionals at a special price. To find more information about the Legal Briefcase, visit www.corel.com/barassociation.

Pricing and Availability:

During the beta preview period, the Corel WordPerfect eBook Publisher will be available as a free electronic download for WordPerfect Office X4 and X5 users. For more information about the WordPerfect eBook Publisher or to download the free add-on, please visit www.corel.com/ebookpublisher.

Media and Blogger Resources:

For more information about the Corel WordPerfect eBook Publisher, including images and a how-to guide, please visit www.corel.com/newsroom.

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