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WordPerfect® Office X5 for Government

Find out why your department or organization should move to WordPerfect Office X5. This latest office suite offers significant enhancements and benefits that are particularly geared to the government workflow, including:

  • New! Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server – connect as a group to collaborate efficiently
  • New! Web services – automatically update documents with data from the Web
  • Enhanced! Microsoft® Office support – open, edit and save the latest Microsoft Office file formats, including OOXML
  • Enhanced! PDF tools – create, mark up and share PDFs right from the suite
  • New! Integrated Thunderbird® email – manage email, contacts and appointments
  • Enhanced! Migration – easily migrate macros, settings and templates
  • New! Windows® 7 support – work with Microsoft's latest operating system

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Preparing to upgrade

So you want to upgrade your office software? That's great! Here are some tools that will help you take the next steps before you implement.

Deploying your new version

These links will help make your upgrade process go smoothly:

Join the exclusive WordPerfect First Forum

Are you really passionate about WordPerfect Office? Join other WordPerfect fans on our WordPerfect First Forum. Simply visit OfficeCommunity.com, register to join our community and go to this Forum. Leave us a message in the Forum and we will send you details on how to access this exclusive Forum. You'll be the first to get sneak previews of our pre-release software, help contribute to the product direction and make sure your personal suggestions are taken into consideration.

Other resources

There are many resources available when deploying the latest version. License software typically ships with three CDs: one CD with the applications, one with extras like fonts and images, and a free two-hour training CD. We also have a variety of documentation that can make things easier for deployment and end users.

If you did not receive any of these materials, please contact us through OfficeCommunity.com to ensure that you have access to these resources.

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