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Corporate Licensing


Make the most of buying in volume by purchasing Maintenance alongside your Corel Transactional Licence (CTL).

Corel Maintenance offers you a flexible, cost-effective option for software upgrade protection, ensuring the software you run in your organisation is kept current and compatible.

Features of Maintenance coverage:

  • Upgrade Fulfilment – during the term of your Maintenance agreement (typically 2 years), you are entitled to receive the latest version of your software as soon as it is released. As a licensee this means you'll keep both your organisation’s assets and your employees’ skills up to date
  • Renewal – you have the choice to renew your Maintenance coverage at the end of the agreed term, letting you continue to protect your Corel software assets for years to come
  • Backward Licensing – as an additional form of licensee flexibility, you are entitled to licence our software one version back from the latest version. This can be ideal for organisations who want to phase in product updates over a longer lifecycle
  • Corel Support – your Maintenance agreement includes:
    • A free installation and activation support case within the first 30 days. Your support ticket is logged online via the Support section of our website
    • Available 24-hours a day, the Knowledgebase offers online answers to common questions and the User Communities are a great way to get guidance from fellow users
  • Additional Support Options – Corel offers a number of packages designed around our customers' requirements. These include portfolio-specific Annual Training and Support Plans, One-Time Priority Support, Business Priority Support, introductory webinars and tailored one-to-one training.

If you would like to know how Corel can help you with a volume licence, please contact your preferred Corel Authorised Reseller or email a member of the Corel team today:

Africa: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Bosnia & Herzegovina: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Bulgaria: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Croatia: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Cyprus: lisandra.jesus@corel.com
Czech Republic: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Denmark: emilie.mangoni@corel.com
Estonia: emilie.mangoni@corel.com
Finland: emilie.mangoni@corel.com
Greece: lisandra.jesus@corel.com
Hungary: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Iceland: emilie.mangoni@corel.com
Kosovo: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Latvia: emilie.mangoni@corel.com
Lithuania: emilie.mangoni@corel.com
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Middle East: lisandra.jesus@corel.com
Montenegro: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Norway: emilie.mangoni@corel.com
Poland: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Portugal: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Romania: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Russia and CIS countries: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Serbia: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Slovakia: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Slovenia: nancy.estevez@corel.com
Sweden: emilie.mangoni@corel.com
Turkey: lisandra.jesus@corel.com