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Why Painter is Perfect for Designs

As a designer, you're all about creating art that speaks to a particular audience. Whether you're developing a print logo, working on images for a web page or creating industrial designs, with Painter X3 you'll get access to cutting-edge design software that will help you win over any audience.

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Top reasons our users love creating designs with Painter

Check out the videos below and see actual designers talk about some of the Painter features they love to use on a daily basis!

Reason #1:
Brush tracking & snap to curves

"I highly recommend Painter, I use it every day and I could not do my job without it."

– Erik Holmen, professional industrial designer

Reason #2:
Natural-Media® tools

"Painter allows me to work like I would do if I were working with natural materials."

– Cris Palomino, graphic designer

Reason #3:
Realistic Pencils & Pens

"The brushes feel real and natural in Painter versus other programs I've used. They're very sensitive to the touch and they operate just like I'm using a real pencil."

– Dwayne Vance, professional designer and concept artist

Reason #4:
Hand painted possibilities

"Painter offers me a way to bring a hand painted quality to my digital illustrations like no other."

– Heather Fonseca, product design and fashion illustration

Reason #5:
Brush Controls

"One of the things that makes Painter so powerful are the brush controls."

– Andy Corolan, designer and cartoon illustrator

Reason #6:
New Brush Search Engine

See why the NEW Brush Search Engine in Painter X3 has become a favourite feature for designers!

Stripe Jacket: Heather Fonseca

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