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Why Painter is Perfect for Concept Art

As a concept artist, you're dedicated to bringing incredible ideas to visual life. Whether you're creating fantasy art, or developing materials for film, television and video games, Painter X3 offers the professional tools you need to turn a creative concept into reality.

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Top reasons users love creating concept art with Painter

Check out the videos below and see actual concept artists talk about some of the Painter features they love to use on a daily basis!

concept art watercolor

Reason #1:
Perspective Guides

"This is an incredible day for digital artists. No longer are any of us burdened by the frustration of perspective lines. Corel Painter X3 has finally put your creativity into perspective."

– Andrew "Android" Jones, professional visual artist

concept art watercolor

Reason #2:
Digital Watercolor and Sargent brush

"The Artists - Sargent brush gives you these great brushstrokes and textures that I just love."

– Doug Sirois, concept artist and illustrator

concept art customizability

Reason #3:
Jitter & customizability

"Corel Painter's brushes are so dynamic that I can imitate nature with random Jitter. I find Corel Painter to be the better choice for the randomness, customizability and the creativity it offers me."

– Justin Buus "BuuZ Digital", professional artist

concept art studio

Reason #4:
A complete art studio

"I still remember how much fun I had when I first got Painter. It was like being handed the biggest box of art tools I could imagine and I had great fun walking through all of them."

– John Malcolm, illustrator and concept artist

concept art blocking

Reason #5:
Custom Palettes

"Custom Palettes are the greatest known tool in the universe in my opinion, because that is what I really block a lot of my paintings in with."

– Cliff Cramp, professional artist and educator

concept art layering

Reason #6:
Transform across multiple layers

See why the NEW ability to transform across multiple layers in Painter X3 has become a favourite feature for concept artists!

A Day in the Life

Watch a day in the life of professional visual artist Android Jones, and see how Painter helps him transform a concept into an artistic reality.

Getting Started Video Series

Jump into the world of concept art with these getting started videos from Painter Master Cliff Cramp and learn how key Painter tools and workflows can help kick-start your concept art creations.
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How to use Painter for concept art

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