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Why Painter is Perfect for Illustration

As an illustrator, you're able to tell a visual story that elicits emotions and gets results. Whether you're creating storyboards, developing art for a magazine or working on a book cover, Painter X3 is versatile illustration software that will help your art leave a lasting impression.

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Top reasons users love creating illustrations with Painter

Check out the videos below and see actual illustrators talk about some of the Painter features they love to use on a daily basis!

Reason #1:
Realistic painting tools

"I always start a painting not knowing what I am going to do, using water rake for adding color and dry knife for details."

– Eric Scala, professional illustrator

Reason #2:
Thick, wet paint

"From someone who came from a background with Photoshop, my mind was blown. Painter is my weapon of choice now. I use it every day."

– Mike Thompson, professional illustrator

Reason #3:
Brush Tracking

"The top question that I get asked is: why Painter? It's the brushes and the fact that I can calibrate each and every brush to my touch, which I can't do in any other application."

– Greg Newman, professional Illustrator, fine artist and portrait artist

Reason #4:

"My distinctive style was developed using Painter and I cannot achieve my fast and loose techniques with any other program."

– Rhoda Draws, illustrator and live performance artist

Reason #5:
Detailed inking brushes

"Painter really shows it strengths with inking. I'm able to ink with lines that go thick to thin, imitating the way that I used to ink on paper with a real sable brush."

– Einar Lunden, professional illustrator and cartoonist

Reason #6:
Perspective Guides

See why NEW Perspective Guides in Painter X3 has become a favorite feature for illustrators!

A Day in the Life

Watch a day in the life of artist Jon Casey and see how Painter helps him bring to life stunning illustrations.

Getting Started Video Series

Check out these videos from professional Illustrator Don Seegmiller and discover key Painter tools and workflows to help you create incredible illustrations!
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Illustration Gallery

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How to use Painter for illustration

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