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Bringing photo and video to the classroom

Today's students already speak the language of digital media. As an educator, you need the best tools to tap into this knowledge and harness the power of photo and video in your classroom.

Corel offers all the tools you need to unlock creativity and learning for the digital age. VideoStudio® Pro and PaintShop® Pro provide the latest photo and video-editing technology, making them the perfect solution for media-rich projects such as digital storytelling and the flipped classroom. With Corel's versatile tools, students can share their stories, learn new technologies and develop key visual communication skills.

Take advantage of:

  • Products that promote fundamental learning
  • Wide-range of free curriculums to choose from
  • Comprehensive online help and training videos
  • Extensive built-in learning tools and tutorials


VideoStudio Pro

Fast and easy video editing, special effects, animation, motion tracking and more

PaintShop Pro

Pro-quality photo-editing and design software for your best photos ever

Corel Photo Video Suite

PaintShop Pro and Video Studio Pro together. Complete photo and video editing for the classroom

MotionStudio 3D

Cool 3D effects and graphics, compositing and particle systems in one complete package


The #1 DVD player software for PCs

Video allows for more comprehensive learning. And to create a video, you need planning, storyboarding and collaboration skills. It's relevant to students because they're taking and sharing videos all the time!
—Greg Wood, Senior
Product Marketing Manager,
Corel Digital Media

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