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CorelDRAW Masters

Corel has recently chosen a handful of designers and artists from around the world to join the CorelDRAW Masters program. These select individuals come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, yet they all share one thing in common: an outstanding technical proficiency and passion for CorelDRAW. The Masters below are designers and artists who have achieved remarkable success using CorelDRAW and hope that by sharing their work and their stories they can inspire others to show their true design style.

Featured CorelDRAW Master

Silvio Gomes

Name: Silvio Gomes (Silvio Win, in arts)
Occupation: Freelance - Graphic Designer
Employer: Self-employed
Location: Santos, Brazil
Website: www.winmultimidia.com.br
Blog: www.winmultimidia.blogspot.com.br
Hobbies: Playing billiards on-line, reading about graphic arts, listening to orchestrated songs and watching Santos Football.

Anand Dixit

Name: Anand Dixit
Occupation: Self-employed
Location: Pune, India
Website: www.corelelements.net
Hobbies: Watching TV. Browsing the internet. Trekking.

Maurice Beumers

Name: Maurice Beumers
Occupation: Graphics designer and illustrator
Employer: Self-employed
Location: Germany
Website: www.econceptum.com
Blog: www.econceptum.com/blog
Hobbies: Drawing. Painting. Reading books. Capoeira. Tree climbing. Camping.

Richard Reilly

Name: Richard Reilly
Occupation: Freelance Graphic Designer
Employer: Self-employed
Location: Jacksonville, Florida USA
Website: www.fluiddsn.com
Blog: www.fluiddsn.com
Hobbies: All forms of art. Backyard gardening.

Pratik Shah

Name: Pratik Shah
Occupation: Self-employed
Location: Mumbai, India
Website: www.corelinsight.com
Hobbies: Morning walks in a park. Cricket. Reading technology updates. Gadgets. Composing music.

Stefan Lindblad
Photo by Mia Palenque

Name: Stefan Lindblad
Occupation: Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Artist
Employer: Self-employed as a registered company. Freelancer.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Website: www.stefanlindblad.com
Blog: stefanlindblad-english.blogspot.com
Hobbies: Drawing. Painting. Movies. Music. Reading books on a variety of subjects. And much more.

Ariel Garaza Diaz

Name: Ariel Garaza Diaz
Occupation: Pre-Press technician and teacher
Employer: Continental Printing Company
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Hobbies: Reading. Writing. Walking. Chess.

Joseph Diaz

Name: Joseph Diaz
Occupation: Graphic Designer and Sign Artist
Employer: Diaz Sign Art
Location: Pontiac, Illinois USA
Website: www.diazmedia.com
Hobbies: Bass guitar. Artwork.

Watch Joe in action
Webinar: View a recorded webinar session and learn the tips Joe used to create his award-winning artwork.
Tutorial: View Joe's exclusive CorelDRAW video tutorial.