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Business Essentials Solution Pack

Create the crucial documents your business needs-quickly.

Create marketing materials, budgets, calendars, reports and more in less time with more than 60 great-looking templates for Corel® WordPerfect® Office. Why spend time worrying about layout and design details when professional designers have done all the heavy lifting for you! The Business Essentials Solution Pack is a powerful, all-in-one solution.

Sample templates

(Click any sample to see a larger view.)

Complete list of templates

Choose from these template sets to create professional-looking documents quickly and easily:

  • Planners, calendars and agendas
  • Budgets (e.g., cash handling, expense reports, marketing and more)
  • Planning and Forecasting (e.g., income statement and startup capitalization)
  • Sales and Marketing Analysis
  • Business Presentations
  • Reports
  • Stationery and Letterhead Sets
  • Marketing Material (e.g., brochures, newsletters, postcards)
Bonus! The Business Essentials Solution Pack features an eBook that helps you get the most out of your software, with information about each template and answers to frequently asked questions.

Business Essentials Templates (by category)

Business Planning


  • Cash Budget
  • Expense Budget
  • Quarterly Marketing Budget
  • Quarterly Meeting Budget
  • Trade Show Budget
  • Budget Presentation

Business Planning

  • 24-Month Sales Forecast
  • Income Statement
  • ProForma Balance Sheet
  • ProForma Income Statement
  • Start-up Budget
  • Start-up Capitalization
  • Business Plan

Sales & Marketing

  • Supplier Analysis
  • Vendor Cost Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy

Marketing Materials


These brochure templates are pre-formatted with sample placeholder text that you can replace with your own.

  • Classic Brochure
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Novel Brochure
  • Regal Brochure
  • Subtle Brochure
  • Tranquil Brochure


Easily create a personalized newsletter for your company with professional-quality newsletter templates. Already formatted and designed, this newsletter only requires you to replace the sample content.

  • Classic Newsletter
  • Effective Newsletter
  • Novel Newsletter


These professional designs make it a snap to create eye-catching presentations for proposals, processes and ideas.

  • Proposal Presentation - Effective
  • Proposal Presentation - Vibrant
  • New Product Presentation - Moderate
  • Proposal Presentation - Corporate


Create and send personalized postcards to your customers and get your message out faster.

  • Classic Postcard
  • Innovative Postcard
  • Novel Postcard
  • Radiant Postcard
  • Refined Postcard

Correspondence & Reports


These three WordPerfect® stationery sets help get your business noticed with professional designs.

  • Elegant: Envelope, Fax Cover, Letterhead
  • Practical: Envelope, Fax Cover, Letterhead
  • Stately: Envelope, Fax Cover, Letterhead


Use these WordPerfect® templates to create business reports for intra-office communication as well as clients and prospects.

  • Congenial Report Body and Report Cover
  • Conventional Report Body and Cover
  • Earthy Report Body and Cover


Make sure that your audience is focused on your message with these professional presentation templates.

  • Organization Structure
  • Financial Results
  • Aqua Globe Presentation
  • Brick Wall Presentation
  • Powerful Blue Presentation
  • Violet Map Presentation

Business Forms


These Quattro Pro® templates make it easy to create calendars on which you can mark important events, such as deadlines and company holidays.

  • Professional Monthly Calendar - Portrait and Landscape
  • Brick Monthly Calendar - Portrait and Landscape


Stay organized and on schedule with templates for Quattro Pro spreadsheets and WordPerfect documents.

  • Daily Planner for WordPerfect and Quattro Pro
  • Daily Time Sheet
  • Action Items
  • Detailed Agenda