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Sales Proposals Solution Pack

Create a compelling sales proposal for your clients in less time.

Designed for the salesperson who is focused more on generating business than formatting documents, these Sales Proposals templates help you get high-quality proposals into your customer's hands faster than the competition. Look professional with crystal-clear timelines, schedules, deliverables and costs. You'll be able to quickly and easily generate specialized and focused proposals, so you can focus on what really matters-closing the deal.

The right sales proposal can seal the deal

Any good salesperson can tell you that the quality of a proposal can determine whether or not you'll get the deal. The great ones make sure that their documents stand out, delivering a professional package that offers clear terms and imparts confidence to the client. If you're looking for an edge, creating a polished and easy-to-understand proposal can put you ahead of the competition.

Developing an all-star sales proposal, however, is easier said than done. The time you invest in ironing out proposal details, timelines, schedules, deliverables and costs, not to mention the effort spent in designing and delivering the document, could be spent in working with other clients and getting more business.

Address your client's needs directly, quickly and easily

The Sales Proposals Solution Pack includes more than 35 professional Corel® WordPerfect® Office proposal templates, presentations and support documents that help organize proposal development and present your details in a highly professional, consistent manner. Hit the ground running and get the information your customers need to make an informed choice into their hands quickly.

Sales Proposals Solution Pack templates include:

  • Classic Proposal Presentation
  • Corporate Proposal Presentation
  • Job Price Estimate
  • Project Cash Flow Summary
  • Classic Proposal Letter
  • Resumé
  • Implementation Schedule

Bonus! Get even more of a head start with a free, 22-page eBook guide that walks you through the anatomy of a successful sales proposal. It removes the guesswork and helps you get an idea of what makes a good sales proposal become a great proposal.