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50 Great Presentations Masters Solution Pack

Create great-looking presentations in minutes.

These 50 professionally designed templates allow you to get a head start on any presentation you're making. With template backgrounds ranging from the abstract to the specific, it's easy to find the perfect backing for your presentation in moments. This means you can concentrate on what really counts-the content.

Sample templates

((Click any sample to see a larger view.)


The Abstract template set provides you with eye-catching backgrounds that catch your viewer's eye, without distracting them from your message.

  • Aquatic - blues and greens provide a surprisingly dynamic mood
  • Weave - this compelling design interweaves blues, yellows and reds
  • Crimson Hall - authoritative red tones are sure to keep the viewer focused on this presentation template
  • Framed - this framed template features a green background image
  • Vibrancy - bright greens help you inspire your audience.


Ideal for the financial services professional and for sales presentations, Finance templates are conservative and vivid.

  • Dollar Symbol - if the presentation you're working on deals with financial matters, this is the perfect choice
  • Coin Stack - this black & white design gives you plenty of room to make your point
  • Exchange Rate - a template-wide black & white financial image surrounded by browns above and below
  • Red Black Border - several stacks of coins in black & white are juxtaposed against a red and black template border
  • Turquoise 20 - a dark lattice background sets the stage for a swath of striking turquoise. Barely visible within the turquoise is a 20 dollar bill.


Make sure you get your high-tech message across with the Internet presentations designs.

  • Internet FAQ - a great template to use when presenting generic information about the Web
  • Sunset Mouse - colorful and eye-catching, this template helps you speak to a less-formal audience
  • Escalate - this design features an escalator that reaches up towards inspiring ideas
  • Internet Know-how - this unique design features a female face set to the side of the Internet prefix http://
  • Abstract Slide - set against a commanding red background, this template gets noticed


Keep your audience focused with this set of medically themed presentations templates.

  • Pharmacology - medical or health care professionals will find this earth-toned template fits the mood of many presentations
  • Relief - the focus of this design is on a crystal clear image of a syringe
  • Test Tubes - this basic design shows an image of colorful test tubes set against a blue background
  • Doctor's Desk - subdued yet memorable, this design denotes knowledge and wisdom
  • Pill Jar - create a lasting visual impression with this green-tinted design


Ideal for home users and students, these creative templates offer nature and environmental themes and images.

  • Ivy - this leafy background helps you set a mood for fall themes and the great outdoors
  • Daisies - the yellow background sets an uplifting tone that's complemented by a bouquet of daisies to the lower right
  • Simple Leaf - a subtle template, use this design when it's important to convey simplicity
  • Watermelon - with a color scheme reminiscent of a watermelon, this design is funky and different
  • Beach Stones - a minimal background of faded, rounded stones shows the path ahead


Perfect for school or business presentations, this template set offers a variety of flexible designs that set a professional and creative tone.

  • Paper Clips - a single paper clip set against a pastel green background
  • Thumb Tacks - features colorful thumbtacks from up close
  • Blotter - bringing to mind a desktop blotter, this template is perfect for a less formal presentation.
  • Cool Keyboard - this design features a close-up of a keyboard and is ideal for presentations concerning office policy and protocol
  • Order Slips - this template design features a stack of order forms and bright colors


Bring the human touch to your presentations.

  • Embrace - a dynamic portrayal of a man and a woman caught in an embrace with warm red hues surrounding them
  • Perspective - featuring blurred figures walking down a hallway
  • Affection - a black & white image of a mother and daughter set the background for this template. Perfect for the family-related presentation
  • Derby - an interesting visual that features the silhouette of a man wearing a derby to the left side
  • Newborn - celebrate life with a newborn baby as the centerpiece


Motivate your audience with pictures of athletes and sporting imagery.

  • Running Track - a black & white image of a runner preparing to race sets the background, as smaller, colorful images sit in the foreground
  • Sprinting - colorful and vibrant, this design features blurred images of sprinters
  • Climb High - represent challenges and determination with a rock climber
  • Collage - an artistic template that melds sports images
  • Pitcher - this black & white design features a pitcher's tools: baseball, glove and pitching hand


Perfect for tech-based presentations, these designs are also applicable for communications and advertising presentations.

  • Proficiency - exude technical wisdom and progressive skills with this sharp presentation
  • Singularity - this classic design highlights an eye-catching, unique graphic
  • Satellite Dish - this template prominently features a satellite dish against a sunset
  • Fiber Optics - communicate speed and advancement with images of fiber optic cables
  • Concentration - subtle blue tones balance a woman working on a laptop computer


Inspire and excite your audience with these bright, travel-themed templates.

  • Expedition - an image of the adventurer's weathered gear
  • Abstract Tracks - set behind a compass, the focal point of this design is train tracks
  • Pipeline - a breaking wave symbolizes speed and certainty
  • Yellow Map - a bright template that ensures text is clear and readable
  • Sign Post - featuring a sign post perched on a sea bluff