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PaintShop Pro Webinars

Recorded Sessions

Introducing PaintShop Pro X6 – Imagine your best photo ever

Discover the new 64-bit PaintShop® Pro X6—the most powerful PaintShop Pro ever! In this webinar, Senior Product Manager Rick Champagne introduces what's new in PaintShop Pro X6 and walks you through the user research that inspired the development of this version.

Learn about some of the key features in PaintShop Pro X6, including:

  • New 64-bit performance
  • New quick selection tools
  • New built-in video tutorials
  • New free Membership

Shop Class: Introduction to scripts in PaintShop Pro with expert, Cassel Creation

Join PaintShop Pro expert, Cassel Creations, as she demonstrates the power and flexibility of using scripts in PaintShop Pro. Whether you use them to save time on repetitive tasks like resizing images, for adding creative touches, or for extending what PaintShop can do for you, even the simplest script can be a game changer.

Unlock the power of PaintShop Pro and learn what scripts can do for you in this FREE webinar!

Create stunning HDR images with author, Ken McMahon

Join Ken, author of PaintShop Pro X4 for Photographers, as he shows you how to create stunning High Dynamic Range images. Ken will be giving away a free copy of his new book to one lucky webinar attendee!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What HDR photography is
  • Techniques for capturing HDR images
  • How to use new Exposure Merge tools to combine multiple images
  • Experimenting with creative options to get outstanding results

Shop Class: Photography 101 - Advice for the aspiring photographer

Join our very own photographer and multi-talented Product Manager, Craig Copley, as he shares his tips and suggestions to help you improve your photography. Whether you're simply curious about the difference between those manual camera settings, or are looking for ways to improve your techniques, Craig will show you some guidelines for taking better photos and how to correct common problems with PaintShop Pro X4.

Shop Class: Masking and selections in PaintShop Pro

Learn how to use masking and selections tools to combine images or add creative touches to your work.

  • Mask layers
  • Selection tools
  • Layer types and adjustments
  • Removing objects from backgrounds

Shop Class: Makeover tips in PaintShop Pro

Discover easy techniques to look your best with PaintShop Pro:

  • Remove blemishes
  • Whiten teeth
  • Change eye color
  • Or go extreme with body sculpting

Shop Class: Create the perfect photo postcard!

Discover easy techniques for:

  • Creating a hand painted black & white effect to your photos
  • Adding frames and borders
  • Adding a personal message with text and graphics

PaintShop Pro X4 Launch: New and Optimized Features

Join Product Manager Craig Copley and Product Marketing Manager Evelyn Watts as they introduce some of the key new features in PaintShop™ Pro X4, including:

  • A redesigned workspace that optimizes your photo-editing environment
  • The High Dynamic Range (HDR) module, which lets you experiment with photos at different tonal ranges to create perfectly exposed images
  • The Photo Blend tool that allows you to combine elements from different photos taken of the same scene
  • Adjustment layers, which let you edit your photos while leaving your original background image untouched